It was reckless for Polis to root for crypto – Colorado Newsline

Economy The Colorado governor likely persuaded a lot of people to buy Bitcoin, and they probably lost a lot of money Cryptocurrencies reflect an extreme libertarian vision of anarcho-capitalism. They’re…

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US IRS Comes After Clients of Another Crypto Exchange – Cryptonews

Source: AdobeStock / Vitalii Vodolazskyi In a tax-related effort, the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is asking permission to look into the customers of crypto prime dealer SFOX Inc. and…

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Ethereum’s (ETH) Final Test Before The Merge Launched On Goerli By DailyCoin –

Please try another search Cryptocurrency 12 minutes ago (Aug 11, 2022 06:31AM ET) © Reuters Ethereum’s (ETH) Final Test Before The Merge Launched On Goerli Wednesday evening is sure to…

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What is Ethereum, and how does it work? – Tom’s Guide

Home Features Personal Finance Ethereum, founded in 2015 and a relative latecomer to the crypto world, is the second most popular cryptocurrency (opens in new tab) after Bitcoin. And because of how…

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Praegressum Coalition is hosting a Panel on Blockchain Innovation in the Public Sphere – PR Newswire

On August 16th Praegressum Coalition is hosting a digital panel on blockchain, highlighting innovative new uses for the technology and what positive developments are expected in the near future ,…

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Why Big Media Is Hiring More Blockchain Journalists By DailyCoin –

Please try another search Cryptocurrency 1 hour ago (Aug 11, 2022 04:31AM ET) Why Big Media Is Hiring More Blockchain Journalists The American media is increasing the spaces dedicated to…

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Unknown wallet transfers $3B worth of Bitcoin linked to old address – The Financial Express

Satoshi Nakamoto is the biggest Bitcoin holder across all individuals, exchanges, governments, and businesses, according to data from June 2022. On August 10, a new wallet became one of the…

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Cryptocurrencies Price Prediction: Avalanche, Binance Coin & Polygon — Asian Wrap 11 August – FXStreet

Avalanche price makes a turn for the better Avalanche price shows classic ramping pattern accompanied with price ascension. AVAX price has breached the oversold level on the Relative Strength Index….

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Binance says it is winning crypto clients thanks to inflation – Yahoo Finance

By Marcelo Rochabrun LIMA (Reuters) – Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, is seeing a surge in clients due to rising inflation and a historically strong dollar that has depressed…

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Binance Coin Price Prediction: Whales take naps at the shore – FXStreet

BNB price circulating supply is 21 million coins, the most illiquid since July 2020 when BNB auctioned at $16.00″. Binance coin has rallied 75% since the June 19 bottom. Invalidation…

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