SPEND CHAIN :- Real-Time Decentralized Payments In this article we review a project known as Spen Coin. Let us try and understand what the project is all about, and why you should research it further. Spendchain is Your Next Generation Payments Blockchain, that offers One Confirmation Finality High Performance Proof-of-Stake Spend has various Business Segments

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It is a research platform to focus on providing high-quality forward-facing research papers that are easy to consume. The reasearch is purely prepared for educational purpose . Being in the crypto space for long time we purely understand that its not easy for people to read the complete white paper to know about the project so

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Ferrum Network

Introduction : Ferrum Network is a decentralized platform which allows users to manage, transact and exchange their digital assets without passing the custody of their assets to a third-party. It enables fast and inexpensive p2p exchange of any digital asset, regradless of originating blockchain. Follow them : Twitter : Reddit : Bitcoin Talk

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