Macro Guru Lyn Alden Says Bitcoin Is the World’s Best Ledger, Calls BTC a Marvelous Tech Revolution ?… – The Daily Hodl

Macro strategist Lyn Alden says that in a global economy underpinned by an inflationary system, Bitcoin (BTC) stands as world’s best ledger. In a new interview with Bitcoin proponent Peter…

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Trezor and Wasabi Join Forces To Make Bitcoin More Private – Decrypt

Trezor, the company behind one of the most popular crypto wallets, has teamed up with privacy project Wasabi to bring CoinJoin mixing to Bitcoin transactions on its hardware wallets. The…

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One More Big Sell-Off Coming for Bitcoin (BTC), Says Popular Crypto Analyst – Here’s His Target – The Daily Hodl

Widely followed crypto analyst Nicholas Merten says there’s one more big sell-off event on the horizon for Bitcoin (BTC). In a new video update, the host of DataDash tells his…

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Mind Blowing Bitcoin Stats #shorts

Mind Blowing Bitcoin Stats #shorts

Bitcoin is pretty mind blowing, even if you don’t fully understand it yet. What makes Bitcoin so attractive for investors is its four year Halving Cycle that keeps $BTC deflationary. Meaning it will always increase in value as its supply…

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“Cheaper Ethereum” ETC Soars as the Merge Enters Home Straight – Crypto Briefing

Ethereum Classic has jumped double-digits amid Merge hype and a new wave of miners joining the network. Key Takeaways Ethereum Classic is up 11.5%. The “cheaper Ethereum” is rising as…

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Coin Bureau Host Says Cosmos (ATOM) Could Ignite 100% Rally With Ethereum (ETH) Providing Lift – HereR… – The Daily Hodl

The host of popular YouTube channel Coin Bureau says that Ethereum (ETH) may help pull up the price of Cosmos (ATOM) with its highly anticipated upgrade.  In a new video…

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Binance USD ($BUSD), TrueUSD ($TUSD) – Binance To Delist USDC Stablecoin: What You Need To Know – Benzinga

The largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, Binance, announced Monday that it would delist USD Coin, the stablecoin pegged to the United States dollar, in favor of its native Binance USD BUSD/USD…

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Why Binance Will Suspend Ethereum Wallet Ahead Of “Merge” – Bitcoinist

Per an official post, crypto exchange Binance will take extra precautions during Ethereum’s “Merge”. The platform announced a halt in ETH deposits and withdrawals across multiple networks starting tomorrow September…

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Binance, Issuer of 3rd Biggest Stablecoin, to Stop Supporting Larger Rival USDC – CoinDesk

Jamie Crawley is a CoinDesk news reporter based in London. At 03:00 UTC on Sept. 29 users’ balances in the three stablecoins will be automatically converted into BUSD, though users…

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A Look at Binance Labs, the Investment Arm of Binance – BSC NEWS

Disclaimer: Overall it is vital to proceed with caution when purchasing tokens that have just been listed. For those who have not already read our articles on safety in the…

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