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Binance, the largest cryptocurrency platform in the world, has processed over $5.4 trillion in crypto transactions so far this year. But financial regulators around the globe have recently taken aim at the Cayman Islands-based company and the Wild West attitude of platforms that sell cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, dogecoin, and ethereum, among thousands of others.

Gizmodo submitted a Freedom of Information Act request with the Federal Trade Commission, asking for any complaints filed with the FTC about Binance. The agency found 760 complaints filed since June of 2020, 200 of which were released to Gizmodo and redacted to protect private information. And while the redactions making it difficult to independently verify each individual claim, we start to see illuminating patterns.

The first, and arguably most alarming pattern, appears to be people who put large amounts of money into Binance but say they can’t get their money out. Most often, but not always, it appears their accounts were flagged for “suspicious activity” and the people are unsure how to then withdraw their money from Binance, even after trying to verify their identity. Other times, people say they deposited money but simply aren’t able to take any money out for weeks and sometimes months, assuming they could access the money at all.

The second pattern is a number of people who say they were scammed while trying to find a customer support phone number online for Binance and wound up getting taken for a ride by people not affiliated with Binance. The company doesn’t have a phone number for customers, which means that when you search Google for one, all you’re seeing are numbers seeded by scam artists, not Binance. This is a common scam and it’s one we’ve seen before during FOIA investigations of companies like Tinder. Binance also lacks any way to get customer service via email.

The third pattern appears to be complaints from people who were likely never interacting with Binance to begin with. As one example, a person who was communicating with a Gmail account named “binancecanadagroup@gmail.com” appears to have asked for a $200 payment before the person’s “mined bitcoin” could be released to them. Obviously anyone actually employed with Binance wouldn’t be using a random Gmail account that any person on the internet can create. This is also a common scam in other industries online—asking for money to be deposited before the supposed big winnings can be released to the mark.

G/O Media may get a commission

When Gizmodo reached out to Binance with questions about its lack of a customer service phone number and email, the company simply said customers could use their AI chatbot if there were any questions.

“If people see issues while using our services, they can reach out via Binance Live Chat. The AI bot will suggest solutions based on the information provided by the customers,” Binance spokesperson Lily Lee told Gizmodo via email.

When we asked about U.S.-specific issues, we were directed to Binance U.S., which did not respond to our emails. Confusingly, Binance will often set up local versions of its company in an apparent effort to follow local financial regulations, but that doesn’t mean Binance necessarily has a U.S. headquarters as most people would understand it.

Today, Gizmodo is sharing a small sample of the complaints filed with the FTC against Binance because it serves as an enlightening snapshot of this wild time in cryptocurrency’s history. Regulators around the world are unhappy with Binance and the way it does business, allowing CEO Changpeng Zhao to amass a fortune in the billions. But Binance is incredibly hard to pin down, if only because it supposedly “has no headquarters.”

Some of the complaints below have been lightly edited for spelling and readability. We’ve also made a few additional redactions that weren’t made by the FTC FOIA Office, to protect the users’ privacy. Some of the complaints include speculations about criminal activity beyond the customers’ own experience, which Gizmodo cannot independently verify at this time.

Binance is reportedly under investigation for money laundering and other illicit activities by the DOJ and IRS, according to Bloomberg. And while Binance U.S. has not responded to our request for comment, the company responded to Bloomberg back in May with, “We take our legal obligations very seriously and engage with regulators and law enforcement in a collaborative fashion.”

“I am beginning to believe that Binance.us is nothing but a scam to get people’s money.”

I invested a large sum of money ($16,000.00 which had grown to over $34,000.00), with Binance.us after Matt McCall who authors the Crypto Investor Network and whom I subscribe to, recommended them as a firm to use to invest in crypto currencies. Everything was going smoothly for about 7 months, and then I had trouble logging into my account about 2 months ago and was locked out. I contacted them by the only means available on their website, which is email. There is no physical address or phone number. They have responded with an email back to me about every 7-10 days and have basically given me the run around as far as resolving my issue of being able to log into my account. They repeatedly say that they are very busy and will make sure and pass my information to the appropriate party. I am beginning to believe that Binance.us is nothing but a scam to get people’s money. Can you help me out?

“After waiting for 2 weeks, my account had still not passed Cash Account Verification…”

I registered for an account at Binance US, a cryptocurrency exchange. I completed Basic and Advanced Verification of my account by submitting identity and address information, giving me permission to deposit and withdraw cryptocurrency. I submitted a request for Cash Account (Fiat) Verification which would give me permission to withdraw cash from my account as well, but was not immediately approved. 12/29/20 – 12/31/20: In the following days I transferred various cryptocurrencies into my account at Binance US and sold these cryptocurrencies, resulting in a cash balance of $3,186.13 USD in my wallet. I wanted to withdraw my cash balance from my wallet but was unable to do so because my account had not passed Cash Account Verification yet, so I waited for verification. 1/15/21: After waiting for 2 weeks, my account had still not passed Cash Account Verification and I was still unable to withdraw my funds. I submitted a ticket to Binance US through the company’s help center asking for a status update on my request [redacted]. 1/28/21: Another 2 weeks passed with no progress. I followed up on my original ticket but am waiting to hear a response.1/30/21: I attempted to reach out to Binance US via Twitter since I was not getting a response via help center/email, and since the company had no other contact options (chat, phone, etc.) I am still waiting to hear a response. 2/2/21: As of today my $3,186.13 in cash is still locked in my wallet on the exchange. At this point it has already been over 30 days which is an unreasonable amount of time to have my funds locked with no response from the company.

“I have no way of controlling my losses…”

Binance US locked me out of my account on 2/19/21 at 3pm ET for an unknown reason. When I tried to login to their website, a pop-up said to contact customer support to unlock my account. I contacted Binance Customer Support immediately. I have now been waiting for over 3 days for my account to be unlocked. I had close to $80K in cryptocurrency in the account at the time it was locked. That has now gone down to about $60K and I have no way of controlling my losses given my account is locked.

“Not only is $43k of my own money trapped in this platform but I also believe they are using this video they requested for blackmail…”

This is a digital trading platform that links directly with fiat banks. I have deposited over $40k into this exchange and suddenly they locked my account due to “suspicious activity” which is of course bogus. I never did anything suspicious nor did I ever have a single chargeback. They then said to unlock my account I would have to send them a video of me holding my license asking them to unlock my account. I did so and have since sent them dozens of emails and support tickets and gotten no response. There is no phone number to call them. Not only is $43k of my own money trapped in this platform but I also believe they are using this video they requested for blackmail or other illegal purposes. I would like them investigated or at least forced to unlock my account so I can get my money.

“Their support area of their website says that if I even TRY to send a ticket, that, not only will it NOT be answered, but it could push my verification back even further.”

On Binance.us, I signed up to sell my Dogecoin that I have held in my possession since 2017. I was not sure how to sell it so with the help of a friend, I sent it from my ledger to binance.us. I had 242,767 Dogecoin. I was able to sell it and turn it into US currency. In fact, my current visible balance on Binance.us is over $20,000. I quickly passed their “Basic Verification”, and was moved on to “Advanced Verification”, to which I had supplied all documents, and have been in “Pending Verification” since 1/31/2021. Their support area of their website says that if I even TRY to send a ticket, that, not only will it NOT be answered, but it could push my verification back even further. (This scare tactic for a company who is holding $20,000 of my dollars is completely unacceptable.) Please help. Thank you. Fair Resolution: I just want my money, so I want my advances verification approved and resolved. I also think that they (Binance.us) should be reported for treating US consumers this way.

“They took the $1,000 out of my bank and did not put it in my Binance account.”

I created a Binance account which is an online purse for cryptocurrency. I was wanting to trade $1,000 usd for Dogecoin. When I submitted payment, Binance said that the payment failed, however it did not fail. They took the $1,000 out of my bank and did not put it in my Binance account. I’ve sent multiple emails, which is the only way of contacting the company, there is no phone number listed. They only sent me back two automated emails telling me how to troubleshoot my account, I did the steps multiple times on multiple occasions to no success of recovering my funds. They refuse to contact me back now and still will not refund my money.

“I am 66 years of age and I cannot afford to be ripped off by these scam companies.”

I opened an account with Binance and deposited $US150.00 to purchase Bitcoin. in June, 2020. As of today my investment is now worth over $3,500.00 USD due to the rise in Bitcoin.

I wish to withdraw my funds however their website will not allow me to do so. The account has already been verified, however in order to withdraw they require Additional Verification. In this window they display correctly my Passport number. When I fill in all the remaining information it says unable to verify, even though it is all correct.

Binance do not provide a number where I could speak with a real person. The Bot is useless. There is the facility to email them which I have done. I received a reply saying someone would call me, but that was over a week ago and nobody has called. I have sent numerous emails since then but they are all ignored.

So they are running a website where they can take my money, not allow a withdrawal and there is no way to contact them personally. No phone number, no address, just email which they then choose to ignore.

I am in Australia and so I will also be submitting a complaint to the Australian Federal Police and the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).

Please help me. I am 66 years of age and I cannot afford to be ripped off by these scam companies.

“My account was mysteriously disabled for no reason.”

I have had an account with Binance.us for almost 4 months now with a little over 1.40 in Bitcoins. My account was mysteriously disabled for no reason. I waited the full 2 hours as what was stated to re-enable my account, and it says the system is busy. Other customers have experienced the same when I looked up the reviews. I was fully verified when I established the account and I also placed a secondary level of security with a Google authenticator to protect myself. I looked online, and I saw that there were other users who were experiencing the same problem for weeks. I do not want to experience the same manner of customer experience. As I am waiting, my account is losing money due to this error. Although I am aware of the risks of crypto trading, I should not as well as others, be subjected to losing money due to a locked account that was in no fault of my own. I couldn’t have imagined a company like this who manages accounts of users with millions of dollars at stake have such a disregard for their clients worrisome concerns. It’s very hard to sleep at night when your finances are not accessible. Please help and thank you so much.

“I get absolutely nowhere with these people.”

I opened an account on Binance.us digital asset exchange on Aug 24th and successfully passed “Basic verification” which allows you to start trading digital assets. On Sept 20th I initiated “Advanced verification” process which got rejected. I proceeded to send them everything they requested but I kept failing the process. Sent them my bank statement, photo of my passport and credit card statement and they still rejected and keep asking for the same information. All communication is done through online support tickets. My ticket # is [redacted]. They do not provide a phone number to discuss. They have had me locked out of my account since Sept 24th! I have assets in my account. 150 XRP and some VET. I have repeatedly told them to cease trying to “Advance verify” me and allow me access to my funds so I can withdraw them to do business elsewhere. I get absolutely nowhere with these people. Please help me.

“We believe they are having liquidity issues and committing fraud.”

I deposited money from my bank account with this broker to trade cryptocurrencies. After having some issues with my wallet on the exchange I decided to withdraw those funds. Binance US has locked those funds in order and have left the withdrawals in a pending status for nearly a month now. No one from tech support or the CEO Catherine Coley will respond to the issues. There are a growing number of us all having issues with this brokerage. We believe they are having liquidity issues and committing fraud.

“It was a scam phone number posing as Binance customer service.”

I called binance support because I needed to withdraw my funds into my ledger. (I’m not very tech savvy). I couldn’t log in so I called support, the representative basically told me he would help transfer my coins into my ledger for me. Long story short, I gave him access to share my screen (stupid move), he transferred a few random coins into my ledger as I watched (thinking he was transferring them from my Binance account), until after a few minutes my screen went black and he told me this will take a few minutes. While it went black, he transferred all my existing coins from my ledger out and left me with nothing then hung up and blocked me. He stole 38k worth of crypto. I came to find out after doing some research that it was a scam phone number posing as Binance customer service. I contacted Google to remove the link, which they haven’t yet. I still have the phone number and he blocked me but when I called from my friends number, he answered. I had my friend hang up and a few minutes later, the scammer called my friend back. I gave you the short version.

“They withdraw 25,000 dollars from her bank account…”

Consumer stated that she has a Binance Bank account online that she created. Consumer stated that she provided her personal information to this company. Consumer stated that the company blocked her out of the account for fraud. Consumer contacted the company and they informed her to send a video of her holding her ID stating that it was fraud. Consumer complied and also provided her personal information to this company. Consumer provided her bank information to them and they withdraw 25,000 dollars from her bank account. Consumer stated that these people ported all of her information over.

“That order was never executed, and since then Binance US has held my funds unavailable for withdrawal without any explanation whatsoever.”

I attempted to purchase the cryptocurrency Doge for the amount listed above on Thursday 01/28/21 at 7:01 pm EST. That order was never executed, and since then Binance US has held my funds unavailable for withdrawal without any explanation whatsoever. Their only form of customer support is via ticket orders online, no phone number available. They rarely reply to submitted ticket orders, and when they do it is a generic response. I have identified over 40 individuals online so far that also have misappropriation/embezzlement of funds for longer than 4 weeks.

“I am unable to locate any other contact information for them…”

I have been in unable to withdraw my cash from the account since October and get no answer as to why my account is locked. This is a online cryptocurrency exchange binance.us. I am unable to locate any other contact information for them other than the website and the help desk tickets which are processed through a company called zendesk. They said my account through Prime Trust was accidentally closed but have not been helpful in getting it resolved. I contacted prime trust and they were not helpful.

“They have my funds and wont give them back.”

Binance US is running a two-fold scheme where they lock up US residents funds with no support. They allow US citizens to sign up for their platform, then promote deposit your funds or crypto and trade now. They allow you to deposit funds, which I did a month ago. Then they dont allow you to transfer, trade, or withdraw the funds until they verify your identity. In the past few months I have sent them numerous pictures of my drivers license, utility bill, bank statements, and videos of my face. I have done everything they requested to prove I am who I say I am but they fail to verify me. Thus, they have my funds and wont give them back. They are doing this to A LOT of people. Look at Binance US reviews on the iOS app store – nearly everyone has encountered this same scam. They take your money and then make it impossible to retrieve, I’m lucky it was only $100 but I’m sure they have A LOT of USD locked up as I know a lot of people in this situation. Reaching out to Binance US support prompts the response reaching out to support will delay and possibly restart the verification process.

“Consumer did comply and sent then was told sent a physical copy of his banking statements…”

Consumer calling to report that in July he opened a trading account with binance.us Consumer entered his banking information. Consumer would pay to get crypto currency. Consumer states that back in September 3rd his account was disabled. Consumer has contacted them and they requested for him to send a video of him holding his DL and give banking statements. Consumer did comply and sent then was told sent a physical copy of his banking statements, he did not. Consumer then asked to verify themselves, consumer states they have no gotten back to him or activated his account. Consumer states that they asked for $5000 maximum deposit per day and he deposited a total of $58000. Consumer states the company called Prime Trust is the ones who takes his payments.

“Someone on Reddit had posted the number 808-374-4254 as the official number…”

I’m trying to establish an account with a cryptocurrency firm: Binance.us. In the hopes of expediting the process I went online looking for a customer support phone number. Someone on Reddit had posted the number 808-374-4254 as the official number in multiple posts. I called the number and the person I spoke with said they cross verify with eBay and Amazon. They seemed to already have my eBay purchase information on-hand so it sounded somewhat plausible. They requested to do two dummy transactions that would be canceled after verification. Of course, this was a scam and I never heard from them again after two transactions were completed.

I included the two phone numbers that were used during the course of these transactions. One of the purchases was a $200 eBay gift card, so I’ve requested the email address it was sent to from the seller.

“They don’t want to remove my personal information…”

I wanted to invest in bitcoins, I went through the whole verification process but I didn’t passed it because of my license was expired. I decided no to have business with them and opened up a support ticket to eliminate my Binance account and requested in my support ticket to delete from all their systems including backups and cloud replication my personal information such as social security number, date of birth, photos, bills, my IP, home address, browser history, driver license, transaction failures, support ticket, etc. They don’t want to remove my personal information, they are asking for photos to remove my personal information, the account doesn’t have a pebby thus I don’t want to proceed with their request to remove my personal information, they should remove it with out giving me any hassle.

“This seems highly unethical…”

I currently have an account with Binance.us to trade cryptocurrency, mainly bitcoin. Last night I placed a trade limit to sell before bitcoin reached a specific price and for unknown reasons binance sold early at ~$1000 above the limit. This occurred at approx. 11:02 PM EST last night.

The concern I have is that this morning the price of bitcoin suddenly soared and my current holdings would have increased almost 18. If I were to buy now I would lose most of what I’ve gained recently and if the stock peaks I could lose more.

I have a ticket open with the company to understand why this occurred, but something about this seems highly unethical and I’m hoping I’m wrong about that, but figured I should let someone know in case it happened to anyone else.

“They are frauds!”

On 1120, I tried to buy $500 in cryptocurrency on Binance.US

I had SIX failed transactions before one went through. (I have documentation of this in my account)

Then I found out on 1124 that Binance sent through five of the transactions and withdrew $2,500 from my checking account.

These were failed transactions! I never intended to buy $2,500.

This is unethical. A glitch on their end meant that they could just take all the funds from my checking? That’s not right.

The worst part is that they took money that wasn’t even there! They overdrew my checking by over $1,000 and I bounced a check and incurred $150 in overdraft fees.

I tried contacting them via email (they have no customer service phone ) and they basically said they won’t reimburse me and told me to check the status of my transactions before I proceed. Yeah, I did! They didn’t go through.

Just looking for some help dealing with them. I’ve read a few other customer complaints on BBB about Binance. Taking out money from customers’ accounts after multiple failed transactions seems like a common business tactic from them.

They are frauds!

“To withdraw your profit now you need to add 0.017274 ($200) BTC to the company wallet…”

mail received as binancecanadagroup@gmail.com as HELLO INVESTOR,Congratulations,Your profit of 0.129555 ($1500) BTC has been successfully mined and ready to be sent to your wallet.Please, Kindly send your Bitcoin Wallet ID to this email for immediate funding. To withdraw your profit now you need to add 0.017274 ($200) BTC to the company wallet for withdrawal fee and release of profit.You are to send your Blockchain login details to this email Also: Please note you were asked to pay your withdrawal fee of $200, You are to note that we are working with the US Trading Law article 9 Sub Number 1 on the USA Trading Article, So we are sorry we cannot deduct it from your profit, we sincerely apologize for that. Below are proofs of your profit that is ready to be sent to your paxful account as soon as you have paid your withdrawal fee. Once again, congratulations and we are sorry for any inconveniences. Thank you for Investing with us.Regards,The Binance Team

“I am a 71-year-old woman and a technology-challenged person.”

In an effort to buy a cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, I placed funds into this checking account. On both 07/29/2020 and on 08/06/2020, on behalf of Binance.us, Prime Trust LLC withdrew the funds of $4,900.00 and $2,500.00 respectively, supposedly to purchase the Bitcoin. After these two transactions and since the latter date, my Binance.us account has been deactivated and I was unable to access my cash or my Bitcoin. I have complied repeatedly with Binance’s request that I “prove” my identity, by sending a picture of my S.C. drivers license, a screenshot of my online bank account showing the transactions and a copy of my physical bank statement showing the same two transactions. I also sent a requested video of myself holding my drivers license and repeating this script: “My name is [redacted], the date and the request for Binance to reactivate my account.” They have repeatedly denied my request, by e-mail, saying that I have exceeded seven days. I do know what this means. I only have contact with them by e-mail and no phone numbers or addresses. I believe that Binance.us is headquartered out of San Francisco, California and Prime Trust is located at 330 S. Rampart Boulevard, Suite 260, Las Vegas, Nevada 89145. Their phone number is [redacted]. When I tried to talk to Prime Trust, they reported that they keep no records for Binance. US and bear no responsibility for the transactions. They promised to have Binance.us contact me, which never happened. I had to generate requests by going on their website and putting in an e-mail request, which is usually answered in one or two weeks, with a denial of access to my account. I have multiple e-mails since that is their only way of communicating with me, but I don’t know how to load them into this space, as I am a 71-year-old woman and a technology-challenged person.

“Binance Support is not responding.”

I have registered at accounts.binance.us platform to be able to purchase crypto currency. The registration has proceeded to collect all of my information including SSN, Driver License, ACH banking information, photos of myself, they have built a very detailed profile of me. Next day I tried to login, I can no longer access my account, it says account locked. I have not received any emails from Binanace other than my account was verified and ready. Binance Support is not responding. I was trying to login to delete my account but now I cannot, I am concerned that my identify could be at risk and there Binance.us is not there to help me.

“Over the course of this time bitcoin has risen to over $40,000…”

Beginning in about October 2020 I downloaded a cryptocurrency exchange/ wallet called Binance.US . I added my bank via ACH transfer to The Binance.US Wallet, deposited money and began to trade cryptocurrency. I was able to sell the cryptocurrency then withdraw money (USD) back into my bank account with no problem other than them holding the funds For 10 days before releasing it to my with some lame excuse. After months of using the platform I began to trust the company and started to accumulate digital assets on a larger scale then my prior $20 transactions. Over that period of time I’ve accumulated a little over $3000 by Making $100 deposits here and there and purchasing bitcoin with the money. It was when my account had risen to the $3000 mark that they stopped my trading privileges. This includes the inability to sell, convert or transfer my cryptocurrency into another wallet. Freezing my cryptocurrency purchasing and selling privileges Is a judgment on their part and they have no Obligation to let me do so, but the problem lies in that they will not let me transfer my said bitcoin into any other external wallet or cryptocurrency account. Binance U.S has also frozen my United States dollars in the same fashion, where I am unable to transfer or withdraw my money. I’ve sent 22 emails over the course of four days to their customer service department. Subsequently, after my10th email I got a response from a customer service representative calling himself “Biggs Willy” who assured me that he Has submitted the report to unlock my frozen privileges, and that he would be in contact when it has been finalized. This has dragged on for several days now giving them the ability to financially gain from freezing my access to my cryptocurrency or United States dollars. Over the course of this time bitcoin has risen to over $40,000 Which they can manipulate to profit from doing this to me and their other customers.This whole thing isn’t adding up and I fear the worst. Being as though I added all my money to their account transferred through American clearinghouse or (ACH) There is a record of every dollar that they received. I’ve never transferred any of the cryptocurrency I purchased to any other external account, so I have no real evidence that it ever existed at all. I would greatly appreciate the help of getting my money back from Binance U.S.

“This company is not operating in any ethical fashion.”

I have contacted info@binance.com and the binance ticket zen desk. I ACH transferred US dollars to this account and purchased usdt tether with the intention to transfer this money to a working platform (invest there). Since Dec 0f 2020, Binance is barring this account from transfers without explanation. I have written numerous time and have never received a response to my inquiry “Why are transfers from this account being blocked?” This company has a complaint history of poor service and there are allegations of theft of their customers; funds. Fair Resolution: Allow the transfer of funds ($4975) as their service has committed to or refund of of money transferred to this service of $5000 and a public notice that this company is not operating in any ethical fashion.

“My life has been destroyed because of this.”

Sent BNB to Binance.us exchange, have sent over 20 support tickets regarding this transfer, as they blocked my account from being able to log in. Full KYC verification, have owned the account for 1.5 years. Have followed every step correctly in opening account, Binance.us refuses to reply to my support tickets, and just close them all after 2 weeks with “We have took so long in replying, we guess you have figured out your problem by now so we are closing this support ticket”

I have watched my BNB transferred from my account, and be sold for Bitcoin, and then moved to another wallet containing over 80 million US dollars. This is a wallet controlled by Binance.us.

I am destroyed, the company refuses to reply to me on support tickets, social media messages, I have even sent 10 emails to the CEO and other board of directors. Many others are in the same situation as I. They have stolen my money, and are refusing to engage in ANY form of communication regarding this. I have kept records of every log in attempt, every sent message, every trade, every KYC request. I have followed all protocol and guidelines laid out for me, and they are stealing my money without an explanation or any reply to my queries.

I have contacted a lawyer, and will be filing a formal lawsuit against this exchange. I have managed to find over 160 similar users in posts placed on consumer reviews websites, Reddit, Twitter, and other social media platforms. I have calculated the total amounts lost from this userbase to be around 30 million US dollars. This is unacceptable and this company is committing fraud on an extremely large scale. Please help us, we trusted this website and Binance.us board of directors and CEO to to do the right thing, and they refuse to engage in any form of discourse with its consumer base. My life has been destroyed because of this.

“They don’t even reply back…”

Hi, I am trying to withdraw my funds or just transfer my BTC to another wallet but Binance will not let me saying there is a minimum amount to transfer. what a complete rubbish as its my money and I want it back and they wont let me. I have tried email and call left more than 10 messages but they don’t even reply back!!! I have no clue how to get it back, as they can do whatever they want.

“This is obviously a scam.”

Binance US is holding my money hostage. My account has been verified to the highest level. They requested more info, which I have sent four times. And still they will not release MY money. This is obviously a scam. I have done everything they have asked of me numerous times, yet they will NOT release my money.

“Weeks later, my account still remains open..”

On December 2nd 2020 I requested that my account be closed. Over the course a few days I was asked to re-confirm that I wanted my account closed, and then was told they were busy and would get to it eventually. I reiterated multiple times I didn’t want the account and had security concerns and my emails have been ignored. Weeks later, my account still remains open and Binance. US refuses to close it.

“There is a growing number of frustrated customers on social media complaining of the same issues.”

I have deposited funds from my bank account to Binance US numerous times. $1000 on January 13th, 2020. $1000 on January 14th, 2020. $500 on January 15th, 2020 and many others. On Feb 1, 2020 I attempted two withdrawals of $1000 each from Binance US to my bank account. On Feb 2, 2020 I attempted to withdraw $400 from Binance US to my bank account. I never received the emails for disbursement on any transaction. $2400 of my money are now “In Order” on your exchange with all transactions still pending. Essentially you have locked my funds and they can not be traded nor transferred. I have submitted tickets to tech support, contacting you through Twitter, and messaging your CEO. No response has been given to me. There is a growing number of frustrated customers on social media complaining of the same issues. Fair Resolution: Immediate response and deposit of my total portfolio value $2406.83 into my linked bank account.

“I feel totally scammed.”

Hello, my name is [redacted] I opened account in binance.us I did a wire transfer directly to them as they said 1 day and the money will be reflected in my binance.us account. It is over 21 days. I sent more than 10 emails. They don’t answer, they’re only sending me an automatic emails. I’ve sent $250k. That’s almost all I’ve got. The money going through a company in NV called Prime Trust LLC, I contacted them but they say to contact Binance. I don’t know who to talk to and how to get my money as I feel totally scammed.

“I never received an email about said ban of US users.”

On February 28, 2021 I logged onto my Binance after year of not logging on. I saw that I had money in cryptocurrency on the site. A couple minutes later I was met with website errors and blocks, I was confused. Did a Google search for help, messaged their social medias and they said the website is cracking down on US users. Well I never received an email about said ban of US users. I have money on this account I need to withdraw.

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