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AMA (Ask Me Anything ) was conducted with 3WM on 20 June 2020 at 3:00 PM UTC live on our telegram group .

We were joined with Nabil EL Aichaoui, COO, 3WM group and it’s subsidiaries .

About 3WM :

3WM is a global concept all dedicated to circular economy and renewable energy. It’s an hybrid solution based on innovative and patented ecological solutions and Blockchain Ecosystem.

there is 2 main things that we based our concept

ECO TECH CENTERS : is a development hub dedicated to ecological Technologies gathers on the same site innovative and efficient companies and projects, specialized in the protection of the environment and in renewable energies.

The 3WM Platform, it is a blockchain based application, it hosts multiple services related to the 3WM token and all our products, technologies and services .

Community Questions :

Q. Mass adoption is one of the big problems for blockchain projects. So how will 3WM solve this problem to achieve adoption in reality?

Thank you for your question, instead of focussing on one problem, we are targeting a large spectrum of environment problem and bringing different actors on the same ecosystem.

We are doing a lot effort to educate and raise awareness, this can be done with different manners:

  • The first one is incentivisation, this method that works very well, people are rewarded for a good action.
  • Help stratups and innovation and make them bigger
  • shed light on environmental issues and help resolve them
  • dedicate a percentage of group income to help NGOs
  • combine the strength of both community, crypto and ecological

Q. What is the waste produced by the plants that use plastic to make energy and how is it processed? or is it zero waste?

We already invested on innovative solutions for the environment, we are also offering very helpful conditions in our Ecological hubs to these innovations and start-up to get bigger and stronger.

We are building a big marketplace for green economy powered by a strong token that will be used on a big scale

Q. The regulations are sometimes not very clear for Blockchain technology, how are you handling that aspect?

Our project is based in Switzerland and we had all the authorizations by the Swiss authorities (FINMA) for our token in record time.

we have also implemented all the procedures so that our tokens and our operation are completely in compliance with the regulations.

Q. How is 3WM finantially funded, how can this project be afforded and sustainable in its first steps? Producing this kind of ecological plants is geniously and benefitial, but it is also expensive!

Our concept is based on different activities and then multiple sources of incomes:

  • Sale and/or rent/ technologies / Services / Energy
  • Managing 3WM Platform with a big market place “ The super market of circular economy and renewable energies”
  • We are building turnkey Waste To Bio-Energy Plants, we are transforming 100% of waste info energy and valuable materials, example: we are transforming non valuable plastic wate intoe fuel with a cost of 0,27 € .
  • We are building an ECO tech centers network, Owning or participation with partners in Eco tech Center (ETC)
  • We are getting Participation in strategic partner companies or having joint venture with them and getting passive income
  • Selling Exclusivity of our portfolio for different countries Worldwide
  • we are also bringing new innovative cleantech products by supporting Innovation and stratups.

Q. 🌏🌏Funds distribution is well explained in the lightpaper, I find intetesting that 32% of it is destined to marketing and business development. What are the strategies to make 3WM known, both in the blockchain and ecological technologies field, which one is more difficult according to your experience?

Hello Alice, first 15% is dedicated to marketing and business developpement , 32% is for Plants & ETC Network.

your question here is important. the difficulty is not on the blockchain or ecological technologies field. we already found it on the fact that we want to combine all these things together in the same ecosystem which is very logical. we had over 10 years experience on that and this is how we come with this global solution that responds to a major issue that we faced on the past

we contribute to making ecology and especially the solutions to ecological problems stronger and present everywhere .

Q. I loved this project, what should I do to be part of this 3WM project? What requirement do I have to meet?

Thank you for your support, there is different way to be a part of the project:

  • If you are in the field of ecological innovation, we support projects that have value and we also offer them to integrate our Eco Tech centers
  • If you are an investor, we offer you the possibility of integrating ecological and ethical projects with a very high ROI
  • If you are a crypto-lover, we advise you to acquire 3WM tokens, the token dedicated to ecologies, we are now in private sale. then you contribute to the 3WM movement
  • We also need the goodwill of everyone and skills in different areas in the projects that we are opening in different countries.
  • -Finally , you can simply act or the environement

Q. The Goal of 3WM for 2025 are to set up 20 factories in France and more than 60 in the world “each factory requires 15M€”, where do you get all these funds from? Do you have financial aid from government entities? What is the main economic source of the project?

We are working with some partners to open markets all over the world . our plants are complately profitable , for example the production price of the fuel from plastic waste is very low prices and high performance.
I thing you already know that 91% of this plastic waste is not recycled! You see the gap that we have to fill all together to achieve this goal.

The major thing is that we are not working alone, we are supported by investors and stratégic companies .

Q. The Crypto world is too familiar with the fact that projects require real use cases to develop. Does W3M have a product and partnership where we can see technology function?

The founders of the group worked on the projects for 10 years in order to bring solutions for environmental problems beginning by waste management and following by water treatment and sustainable mobility

We decided design a 3WM Concept in order to put all our knowledge and expertise together in a global Ecosystem including patented and innovative Eco technologies from our side and all our partners ,a cryptocurrency, an Ecological hubs, and Blockchain based Platform

Currently, we have already achieved a part of our goal:

  • A portfolio of patented technologies
  • We acquire a big site in FRANCE for our first ECO TECH CENTER (50 000 m² including 12 000 m² building)
  • The site already includes a multitude of technologies (plastic to fuel, water treatment..etc)
  • We have a strong team of experts on different fields
  • We already developed the Blockchain 3WM solution with smart contract.
  • We are preparing the first version of the Blockchain based platform
  • We acquire or shareholding on strategic companies
  • We have lot of partners

Q. What are the use cases of $3WM? Right now, $3WM is hosted on Ethereum blockchain. Are there any plans to migrate $3WM to native blockchain?

Yes Right now, $3WM is hosted on Ethereum blockchain, we think that the best Blockchain solution for us is Ethereum. for the moment we are not planning to do the migration on a native blockchain. our purpose is to concentrate on the services that we bring to the community (Ecology and blockchain) . we think that we will waste time on putting our energy on a new blockchain instead of putting services over Ethereum and also developing and investing in ecological solutions.

Q. With your first ETC or your ecological Technology Center already set up at Mulhouse in Alsace, France.I wonder, how much do you intended to build ETC?And on what continent?

We are planning to build with partners different ECO TECH CENTERS worldwide, in order to spread these concept we wok with partners in different region of the world to set up theses ecological hubs, we will work on two steps:

  • First step: we are targeting 3 main market (Middle east, south asia and noth Africa) with 3 ECOTECH CENTERS.
  • Second step: we will target Brazil , Africa and Russia
  • The final step will be the other markets in order to achieve our goal to get 10 ECO TCH CENTERS in few years.

Q. Project’s Activeness & Progress is the First preference of any Investor! So, Tell us some Recent Major Achievements Done by 3WM Project? Also, which Major Event / Announcement we can Expect from 3WM Project?

In the future we are planning to:

  • Empower the 3WM concept
  • Build other ECO TECH CENTERS in Asia, middle east, Africa and South America
  • Bring more innovative technologies to our ECOTECH CENTERS and marketplace
  • Bring more strategic partners.
  • Make the 3WM TOKEN stronger and be the reference in the field of ecology
  • Create virtuous circle of incentivise

We are also putting effort on the make the 3WM stronger , so We are targeting different strategic exchanges all over the world we will have at least an exchange in every region. we are already in discussion with some known platforms. we will have some announcement very soon

Q. Do you think 3WM will be able to expand into other places in the world where such technologies are required to be urgent?such as India, Bangladesh?

We are planning to have a site in different regions worldwide and every ECOTECH CENTER will be the referral site for the activities of 3WM Ecosystem in its region, for example for training, After-sales service. one of the major region that we are targetting is India because all problems that face people their and naturally Bangladesh will be a part of it.

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