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Among all the new projects that have been introduced in the past few months – a new crypto project has been making waves since the last quarter of 2022 – Dash 2 Trade.  As a one-of-a-kind platform which suits the needs of every investor, Dash 2 Trade provides a comprehensive set of features and interfaces that makes cryptocurrency trading easier.  

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There have been many attempts in the cryptocurrency market to get into the social trading market. However, none of them has been able to provide a product and complete platform like Dash 2 Trade. Dash 2 Trade has already recorded over 10 million in its ongoing presale event and is set to list on prominent crypto exchanges early next year.  

Are you still pondering about investing in Dash 2 Trade’s presale before the IEO in January? Read on to learn more.  

Explaining Dash 2 Trade (D2T) 

Dash 2 Trade is a newly introduced crypto analytics and trading signals platform which is equipped with a lot of features rarely found in other projects. Its presale began in the fourth quarter of 2022. Dash 2 Trade’s IEO is scheduled for January 11th, 2023. Dash 2 Trade has conducted its affairs in a very transparent way and has got its smart contract code audited by Solid Proof.  It has also been verified by CoinSniper for KYC purposes.  

Inside the platform, users are able to access a robust set of tools for education, analysis and trading guidance. Its native token, D2T, is an ERC-20 token which provides users access to the platform’s features. Apart from providing cutting-edge analytical tools, Dash 2 Trade also provides an interface for strategy simulation, development and implementation.  

Reasons for Investing in Dash 2 Trade before CEX Listing 

At the time of writing, Dash 2 Trade has sold 79.13% of the tokens in the ongoing presale, with less than 15 days left for it to end. For investors still confused about whether investing in Dash 2 Trade is the right choice, here are 5 major reasons.  

Dash 2 Trade is different from other cryptocurrencies 

There is a multitude of cryptocurrency projects in the market, with more being introduced almost every week. The inflow of new information regarding different projects can get quite confusing for investors. Many investors play it safe and invest only in well-known cryptocurrencies and ignore the ones with lesser cap sizes.  

But things are different with Dash 2 Trade. Users get their hands on cutting-edge trading tools and features that allow them to conduct an in-depth analysis of popular crypto assets and come up with winning strategies. Considering the number of useful features that the platform provides, there isn’t another similar project in the market at this moment. 

Packed with rich features 

As mentioned before Dash 2 Trade is packed with a myriad of different powerful trading tools. For instance, Dash 2 Trade provides on-chain analytics, which helps traders to track the activities of whales in the market and take advantage. It also provides social indicators which are ideal for getting updated with some of the most talked-about topics on social networking sites related to cryptocurrencies.   

Apart from the above functions, Dash 2 Trade also provides a trading API, a strategy builder and a backtesting tool.  All of these functions can be easily accessed by using the streamlined, user-friendly control panel.  

Possesses powerful tokenomics 

Dash 2 Trade’s native token D2T is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a utility cryptocurrency that provides holders with various benefits and access to premium features. It should be noted that Dash 2 Trade’s features are offered on a subscription basis.  

Traders must hold D2T tokens and pay the subscription fees per month to enjoy the platform’s features.  The subscriptions are divided into three categories – Starter, Premium and Free. While the starter plan required 400 D2T per month while the premium plan requires 1000 D2T tokens per month. While both plans grant functionalities, the premium plan adds extra features which cater to both novice and seasoned investors.  

D2T tokens are tax less 

Dash 2 Trade believes that traders shouldn’t be the source of the project’s value. On the other hand, they believe that the project itself should be the only source of value. This is why Dash 2 Trade removed any tax or payment that would present barriers to entry to the Dash 2 Trade platform. In other words, Dash 2 Trade is free from any fees or taxes.  

D2T tokens to be listed on exchanges 

Dash 2 Trade’s token has already been cleared for listing on exchanges such as LBank, BitMart, UniSwap and Changelly Pro. Owing to the recent crash of the FTX exchange, Dash 2 Trade has taken the necessary steps to ensure that the above exchanges guarantee the safety of user funds.  

Token swaps between D2T and other currencies will be available from January 11th 2023 on some of the leading crypto exchanges. This event is expected to drive the price of the token even further.  

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It’s true that the cryptocurrency market as a whole is suffering from a bear market. In spite of this Dash 2 Trade has received a lot of attention throughout its presale stage.  

There are several reasons why D2T is making waves in the cryptocurrency market as it packs so many important tools.  The ICO scoring feature also helps traders evaluate and gain from any new ICOs that are launched.  

Thus, if you’re looking for an investment that can provide you with the highest returns possible, look no further than Dash 2 Trade. 

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