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  • Binance has a strict verification process and only lists high potential crypto projects, with investors often looking to the latest additions.
  • We examine 8 top cryptocurrencies that could potentially list on Binance in 2023.

Binance offers users access to an extensive range of cryptocurrencies. However, this crypto exchange also has the reputation of only listing high-quality digital tokens and has a rigorous due diligence process when selecting them. 

In other words, being listed on Binance attests to the credibility of a crypto project. With this in mind, we have compiled extensive research on the most anticipated upcoming Binance listings that crypto investors can consider for their portfolios. 

8 Top New Coins Launching Soon on Binance 

Below are the most exciting upcoming Binance listings to consider right now.  

  1. FightOut – Brand New Crypto Fitness Project With a Move-to-Earn Mechanism
  2. Dash 2 Trade – Advanced Crypto Analytics Platform With Signals & Utility Token
  3. C+Charge – Blockchain-Powered EV Charging App
  4. Robotera – Metaverse Project With Robots and Virtual Lands
  5. Calvaria –  NFT Card Game Built on the Blockchain
  6. IMPT – Sustainable Crypto Platform for Trading Tokenized Carbon Credits 
  7. Lucky Block – Innovative Crypto Ecosystem With Bitcoin Casino
  8. Tamadoge – Play-to-Earn Game With NFT Pets 

All of the aforementioned crypto projects have high growth potential but in the grand scheme of things – are potentially undervalued. 

Read on to find out more about these new coin listings on Binance. 

A Closer Look at the 8 Upcoming Binance Listings 

As noted above, Binance carefully analyzes each crypto project before listing a token. It evaluates factors such as the team behind the project, the utility of the token, and user adoption. 

In this section, we delve into the finer details of the best new coins on Binance – in order to understand what makes them so acclaimed within the crypto space. 

1. FightOut – New Crypto Fitness Project With a Move-to-Earn Initiative

FightOut is offering its users a way to earn income by building positive, healthy, and active lifestyle habits. The platform has built a FightOut app that tracks all movements of the user instead of merely counting their steps. To get started, players will first need to acquire FGHT, which is the native token of the platform. 

According to crypto analysts, the FGHT token has the potential to be one of the next Binance listings of 2023. As of writing, investors can buy FightOut tokens directly via the FightOut website, using Ethereum or USDT. The presale commenced on December 14th, 2022, and has already raised more than $1.2 million.

By Q2 of 2023, FightOut plans to release its app, which can be bought using FGHT tokens. The app will offer access to plenty of features, including many different types of workout plans, nutrition and sleep metrics, and social accountability. As users complete workouts or challenges using the FightOut app, they will be offered rewards in the form of REPS tokens. 

REPS can be used to buy gym memberships or merchandise such as workout gear, shoes, and NFT accessories. Additionally, when setting up the app, players can create their web3 avatar, which will be a unique NFT. 

Further down its roadmap, FightOut also has plans to open the world’s first web3-integrated gym. This facility will allow FightOut users to maximize their move-to-earn opportunities and show off their NFTs, as well as foster the community network. FightOut aims to open 20 gyms globally, in different locations based on the user base and community interest. 

As per its whitepaper, FightOut has an interesting proposition, encouraging its users to adapt to a healthy lifestyle while earning crypto rewards in return. Moreover, unlike other move-to-earn crypto projects, FightOut doesn’t just offer rewards based on steps or activity. Instead, there are many ways for users to keep tabs on their progress and earn rewards with this app. 

Once the app is rolled out, FightOut will host competitions, leagues, tournaments, and interesting fight modes to win titles and prize pools. These will be offered in partnership with leading brands. 

In the future, FightOut will continue to add more utilities for its FGHT token. For instance, users will be able to stake FGHT to earn a passive income and trade it on other crypto platforms. Considering these factors, FGHT could be one of the new Binance listings to look out for. 

Check out the FightOut website to learn more about this project. 

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2. Dash 2 Trade – Advanced Crypto Analytics Platform With Cutting-Edge Analysis Features

Looking for the best new crypto on Binance? Dash 2 Trade is another much-anticipated upcoming Binance listing. Rather than catering to a specific niche, Dash 2 Trade caters to all crypto traders and investors. In simple terms, Dash 2 Trade is building one of the most advanced crypto analytics platforms, offering its users access to a wide range of tools to aid them in their decision-making. 

Dash 2 Trade offers trading signals that highlight the buying and selling opportunities in the crypto market. This allows investors to find profitable trades without monitoring the market 24/7. Moreover, Dash 2 Trade also helps investors follow the market trends with the help of on-chain analytics, whale-wallet activity, and social media sentiment. 

On top of this, investors can also connect their exchange accounts to Dash 2 Trade via an API and set up automated trading. It is even possible to test strategies before deploying them in the real market. 

Crucially, Dash 2 Trade has also come up with a bespoke scoring system to analyze new crypto presale projects emerging in the market. These scores are calculated by real traders, so they take into account factors such as the team and roadmap, which an algorithm cannot easily determine. Additionally, Dash 2 Trade also notifies players of new coin listings. 

To gain access to its wide range of tools, investors will have to sign up for a subscription using D2T tokens. There are three different packages, each offering varying levels of services – so users have the flexibility to pick one that best fits their needs. 

As of writing, Dash 2 Trade is running the final stage of its presale and has raised close to $10 million. Moreover, the Dash 2 Trade team is verified by CoinSniper, and SolidProof has fully audited the contract code. Due to the potential of the Dash 2 Trade platform, many analysts argue that D2T is one of the best Binance new crypto listings to watch out for in 2023. 

Join the Dash 2 Trade Telegram channel to receive updates about the latest developments regarding its Binance listing. 

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3. C+Charge – Blockchain-Powered EV Charging App

When searching for the best new crypto on Binance, investors should also consider C+Charge. This innovative project aims to increase the number of EV charging stations across the globe, making the usage of electric vehicles more accessible. 

According to the C+Charge whitepaper, some of the main issues plaguing the EV industry are the shortage of charging stations, lack of transparency in pricing, and unavailability of real-time information. 

To address this, C+Charge leverages blockchain technology, to bridge the gap between EV vehicles and third-party charging stations. The C+Charge app allows EV vehicle owners to find charging stations and integrate a transparent payment system. 

Moreover, C+Charge has also partnered with Flowcarbon to reward its app users with GNT digital tokens. Since the app uses a blockchain-powered payment system, it will ensure that users are not charged any hidden fees.

However, when using the C+Charge app, the payment for EV charging has to be made using CCHG coins. C+Charge has already started offering CCHG coins on presale via its website. The presale takes place in multiple stages, and the price of the token gradually increases as each phase is completed. 

At the time of writing, the presale is in stage 1, meaning, CCHG coins are available at the lowest price before they are listed on public exchanges. Once the presale is over, the C+Charge token will likely be listed on prominent exchanges, potentially including Binance. 

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4. Robotera – Metaverse Project With Virtual Lands

Robotera has taken inspiration from some of the most popular web3 projects to develop its own metaverse. On the Robotera metaverse, players can use NFT robots as their avatars to manage their own land and participate in the creation of the new virtual world. 

Players can also acquire resources from their land, build new spaces, and engage with the avatars of other users. At first glance, it might not seem as if Robotera is bringing anything new to the table. However, when considering the growing demand for virtual lands in the metaverse, Robotera appears to be well-positioned to capitalize on this market in the coming years. 

Robotera has taken a different approach with its roadmap. According to the Robotera whitepaper, the roadmap of the project will also evolve alongside the metaverse. That being said, it has already accomplished all targets set for the previous quarters, including the launching of its token. 

By the first two quarters of 2023, Robotera plans to mint its NFT avatars, build its metaverse galaxy, and integrate AR and VR to offer an immersive experience to players. The Robotera ecosystem is powered by its native digital token, TARO. 

As with C+Charge, Robotera is also at the beginning of its presale at the time of writing. According to some analysts, investors can expect to find the TARO token among the new Binance listings of 2023 after the completion of the presale. 

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5. Calvaria – NFT Card Game Built on the Blockchain

Calvaria is another project that is rumored to be one of the Binance new listings for 2023. This is because the digital coin has already turned heads with its presale. Although the presale is not yet over, the project has already raised more than $2.4 million USDT. 

The concept behind Calvaria is pretty simple. Players can collect unique cards as NFTs, form teams, and play against others on the platform. These NFTs can be purchased via the Calvaria website and can be traded in secondary marketplaces. 

As per the Calvaria whitepaper, the project’s ecosystem is fueled by an ERC-20 token named RIA. Those who invest in RIA tokens can use them to buy in-game assets on Calvaria, trade them, or hold them to generate profit – if the value of the cryptocurrency goes up. 

Calvaria also plans to offer support for RIA staking – further adding utilities to the token. Considering the emergence of play-to-earn games, Calvaria puts up a strong case as an investment. Moreover, at the time of writing, Calvaria is available at a heavily discounted price, and after the rumored Binance listing, the value of the token could go up. 

In other words, those who believe in the long-term prospects of the Calvaria project may find the presale as an attractive opportunity to buy this token.  

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6. IMPT – Crypto Platform for Trading Tokenized Carbon Credits 

IMPT combines environmentally sustainable practices with blockchain technology. Built on the Ethereum network, IMPT facilitates carbon credits trading, offering an easy way for companies and businesses to reduce their emission footprint. 

The project has partnered with multiple carbon offset programs and global brands to facilitate this. Users can purchase tokenized carbon credits – which are NFTs that represent 1 tonne of CO2 emissions. It is also possible for investors to decide which eco-friendly program they wish to purchase carbon credits from. 

Carbon credit NFTs can be bought using IMPT tokens, the native digital currency of the platform. After purchasing carbon credit NFTs, investors can burn them to offset their emissions or hold the tokens to trade them for a potential profit via the IMPT marketplace. 

As with most of the upcoming Binance listings, IMPT also had a successful cryptocurrency presale in 2022 and raised over $20m. It also has a limited supply of 3 billion tokens – which could help boost the value when the demand for carbon credits goes up. IMPT is now live on exchanges including Uniswap.

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7. Lucky Block – Innovative Crypto Ecosystem With Multiple Products 

In early 2022, Lucky Block made a splash by launching an innovative, decentralized, NFT-based competition platform. Lucky Block was the first of its kind to offer such a utility, allowing investors the chance to win incredible prizes such as holiday packages, a Lamborghini, and even $1 million worth of Bitcoin. 

Lucky Block has also developed a native token, LBLOCK, which is available in both ERC-20 and BEP-20 standards. After launching in 2022, LBLOCK went on to become one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies of the year, reaching a $1 billion market cap in record time during its peak. LBLOCK tokens are also used to power the rewards offered on Lucky Block. 

As of writing, interested investors can buy LBLOCK tokens via exchanges such as Gate.io, MEXC, LBANK, Uniswap, and Pancakeswap. 

Due to the overwhelming success of the competition platform, Lucky Block has also launched a crypto casino where players can place bets using LBLOCK and other digital tokens. 

The Lucky Block casino is conducting a giveaway of $10,000 worth of LBLOCK tokens for one player. This is a great way to get free LBLOCK tokens before it is listed on Binance. To participate in this giveaway, investors can sign up at the Lucky Block casino using their email ID, make a minimum deposit of $1 and place a bet. 

Simply put, LBLOCK has plenty of use cases that could drive the demand for this token. As such, we might see Lucky Block being listed on Binance in the coming months. 

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8. Tamadoge – Play-to-Earn Game With NFT Pets 

Last on our list of new Binance listings is Tamadoge, a metaverse game where players can breed and battle their virtual pets. In the Tamaverse, players can buy pets, which are available for purchase as NFTs. Each pet will have a unique set of attributes that defines its strengths and weaknesses. 

Players can then pit their pets against others in order to gain points and collect rewards. The primary in-game currency of the Tamadoge ecosystem is TAMA. This ERC-20 token comes with a total supply of 2 billion coins, and every time a transaction takes place – 5% of the amount is burnt. 

In this sense, Tamadoge is one of the best deflationary cryptocurrencies to be released in 2022. As players get ahead in the game, they will also earn TAMA tokens. In addition to this, players also have the opportunity to trade their Tamadoge NFTs. 

In the coming months, Tamadoge has a good chance to be listed on Binance. It will also be releasing a new game app, which comes with attractive features such as augmented reality. 

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In this guide, we have reviewed the best upcoming Binance listings to keep an eye on. As noted above, Binance has a strict verification process when picking new coins for its exchange. 

Therefore, the number of new cryptocurrency released on Binance in 2022 was much lower when compared to previous years. This indicates that this platform is only listing high-quality, reliable projects. 

Although the projects we discussed above are yet to be approved, they all have high upside potential and have had hugely successful presales – generating plenty of interest from the crypto market. 

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