Verasity shaping the blockchain industry with its innovative roadmap

Verasity has been taken the crypto world by storm in 2020 with the video-sharing platform expanding exponentially. The blockchain platform has evolved from a video sharing platform to providing infrastructure and tools for publishers to be able to compete and increase revenues substantially. One way the platform has gone about business is to ruthlessly pursue […]

Brazil to invest $5.7 million on Blockchain programs

The Federal Government of Brazil, through the Industrial Development Agency, will allocate a budget of 5.7 million dollars (about 25 million reais) for this 2020. With this, it seeks to implement a digital transformation program in which distributed accounting technology (DLT) or blockchain was included. According to ordinance number 3,237, published this Tuesday, February 18, […]

Blockchain platform agrees partnership with Lagardere Sports

Blockchain fan engagement platform has entered a strategic partnership with French sports management firm Lagardere Sports.  The partnership which was confirmed on Lagardere Sports website would see the firm help to sign up more teams to their platform within the European country.  Lagardere Sports is one of the premier sports management firms and […]

Uruguay heading towards blockchain technology implementation with Aeternity

Most of the countries are still uninterested in cryptocurrency and its application while countries like Uruguay has moved many steps ahead. Uruguayan government and Universidad ORT Uruguay recently asked one of the open source platform Aeternity to solve seven problems using its blockchain technology to prove its real world use case .Uruguay had also previously made […]

MantraDao AMA Full Transcript

AMA (Ask Me Anything ) was conducted with MantraDao on 27 July 2020 at 9:30 AM UTC live on our telegram group . Guest Introduction : Rodrigo Quan : My name is Rodrigo Quan and up to this point I have served as a strategic advisor for the MANTRA DAO project, specifically with respect to staking and infrastructure across […]

Jarvis AMA Full Transcript

AMA (Ask Me Anything ) was conducted with Jarvis on 20 July 2020 at 3:00 PM UTC live on our telegram group . Guest Introduction : Pascal Tallarida : My name is Pascal Tallarida. I am a 33 senior french trader and a community and product-driven CEO with a long expertise in trading and risk management. Prior to launch […]

Meter AMA Full Transcript

AMA (Ask Me Anything ) was conducted with Meter on 02 July 2020 at 3:30 PM UTC live on our telegram group . About Xiaohan Zhu : I have a mixed engineering and finance background. first 15 years of my careers are in R&D and engineering. Afterwards I got my MBA from Wharton and started doing strategy and […]

3WM AMA Full Transcript

AMA (Ask Me Anything ) was conducted with 3WM on 20 June 2020 at 3:00 PM UTC live on our telegram group . We were joined with Nabil EL Aichaoui, COO, 3WM group and it’s subsidiaries . About 3WM : 3WM is a global concept all dedicated to circular economy and renewable energy. It’s an hybrid solution based […]

Verasity launches June Staking Competition

Decentralized video publishing platform Verasity have launched its June staking competition for its budding community. The announcement was made on twitter with Verasity offering community members the opportunity to win one of the converted staking slots in the competition. According to the report the blockchain project had consulted with its community and received feedbacks with […]