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Acuant and BITPOINT LATAM partner to streamline onboarding for cryptocurrency exchangesAcuant, a global provider of identity verification, regulatory compliance (AML/KYC), and digital identity solutions, has announced an expanded partnership with BITPOINT LATAM, the leading crypto-to-FIAT exchange in Latin America.

Under the collaboration, BITPOINT LATAM integrates Acuant GO to implement fully automated Identity Verification, Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) solutions to better support users while continuing to meet compliance standards.

“Since the beginning of our partnership with Acuant, the company’s robust compliance platform and state-of-the-art technology has continued to support BITPOINT as we pursued an ambitious growth plan in Latin America. While complying with regulatory requirements and keeping our users safe, we found a need to make their experience even easier. We are looking forward to continuing our work with Acuant and are thrilled with the results since integrating Acuant®GO,” said Julián Guevo, Compliance Operations Director at BITPOINT LATAM.

Consumers use BITPOINT to buy and sell crypto assets with local Mexico, Dominican Republic, Panama, Guatemala, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Colombia and Brazil currency. BITPOINT being a player in the region’s crypto-asset market, has made cryptocurrency more accessible in these 9 countries with its advanced cutting-edge technology.

BITPOINT originally integrated Acuant Compliance technology to comply with AML regulations. As the exchange rapidly expanded across the region, the firm needed to quickly launch a scalable solution for identity and document verification while meeting KYC requirements and AML standards. Acuant GO, Acuant’s no-code solution, met the requirements and allowed BITPOINT to launch in 3 weeks, driving user onboardings up by 98%.

“We’ve seen cryptocurrency adoption grow rapidly over the past few years as the currency has become more secure thanks to new regulations and requirements. At Acuant, we are always ensuring our customers are not only meeting compliance standards and preventing fraud, but also keeping their customers happy. Our no code solution is providing this seamless onboarding experience while allowing businesses and organizations to keep up with rapid digital transformation in a way that no other offering in the market today can. We are delighted to continue our partnership with BITPOINT and see them grow,” said Yossi Zekri, President and CEO at Acuant.

Acuant is a provider of identity verification, document authentication, and fraud prevention technology services. The company is said to have over 30 patents currently. Beyond identity proofing, Acuant Compliance (formerly IdentityMind) offers online risk management and automation for AML, KYC, transaction monitoring, and sanctions screening.

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