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Can a crypto exchange make money without charging any transaction fees, deposit fees, and withdrawal fees? Well, most exchanges will not work if they do not charge trading fees. Cryptocurrency exchanges are designed to provide facilities for a cost, usually a small percentage of the transaction amount. That’s not the case for AirSwap, a unique crypto exchange and coin swapping platform that essentially provides its service for free. This AirSwap review explores how the exchange works and how this innovative platform offers cutting-edge products in the crypto space.

AirSwap Summary

Headquarters United States
Found in 2017
Native Token Yes
Listed Cryptocurrency ETH, AST, DAI, BAT, BNB & More
Trading Pairs Yes
Supported Fiat Currencies No
Supported Countries Selected Countries
Minimum Deposit No
Deposit Fees Free
Transaction Fees Free
Withdrawal Fees Free
Application No
Customer Support 24/7 Live chat & FAQ Section

What Is AirSwap?

AirSwap is a new cryptocurrency exchange from a US-based startup in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) domain. The platform primarily works as an exchange for relatively new crypto coins and platform-native tokens. It is a unique platform that provides features beyond decentralized exchanges. It has become more and more popular due to its coin, its native crypto token. The platform allows users to trade Ethereum tokens directly with one another.

Compared to other exchanges, it does not charge any trading fees or fees on deposits and withdrawals. It also does not impose any limits on deposits, withdrawals, and swaps. Users are also not compelled to sign-up to AirSwap for using its features. Even so, this exchange is highly secure for crypto investors and provides a great user experience, especially for high trading volumes.

Unlike other decentralized exchanges, AirSwap is known as a standalone service provider. It does not use third-party assistance to store and manage the funds of the traders. Users on the exchange are in complete control of their crypto funds. They can directly execute trading between different parties and stay anonymous as the platform has not necessitated the account registration process.

AirSwap Platform InterfaceAirSwap Platform Interface

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How Does AirSwap Work?

AirSwap uses blockchain technology and smart contracts to build a frictionless, fee-free marketplace for direct peer-to-peer trade. Despite being a decentralized crypto exchange, compared to other exchanges, this exchange works quite differently. It is allowing users to stay completely anonymous while using the platform for swapping coins and making trades. Due to this, the traders’ personal information and user-sensitive data are not collected by the platform. So, the platform is not compelled to protect this information by partnering with third-party service providers.

AirSwap crypto coin, the AST or AirSwap tokens, is the main source of revenue generation for the platform. The platform does not charge any fees on deposits and withdrawals. It works towards driving the adoption of AirSwap tokens. It circulates the AirSwap token to help users pay for the platform utilities. So, people who want to know how to buy tokens can simply visit the website and start by following simple steps.

More than 8.45 million AST were used to vote on AIP 7 (AirSwap Improvement Proposal), and users were invited to participate by voting on current proposals on the voting page using AST. 

What is AirSwap Protocol?

The AirSwap protocol is a peer-to-peer exchange protocol with non-custodial characteristics. With this protocol, users can get access to a vast network of crypto traders. The protocol facilitates the trading of ERC20 tokens. It also enables traders to find and identify counterparties with high trading potentials. They can negotiate trades directly with these parties and establish private communication with the help of the protocol. Moreover, executing on-chain trades becomes accessible with the protocol. You can simply construct a trade and post the link publicly, even if you don’t have a particular counterparty available on the other side, using pleasant social media previews that reveal the deal itself. At the protocol level on the network, every trade is between a “maker,” who sets the price, and a “taker,” who has the option to accept it. In 2018, the platform released some professional tools to entice institutional investors to its ethereum token decentralized exchange (DEX). The Swap Protocol serves as an “automatic escrow” in decentralized finance, allowing you to trade any two tokenized assets on Ethereum. The Swap Protocol, which is an Ethereum smart contract, conducts the trade once both parties are ready to finish it.

AirSwap Features

The Exchange features are dynamic and provide a next-level user experience to newcomers and pro traders in the market. As per the exchange review below are its features:-

  • When it comes to trading, the platform does not charge any significant trading fee. Users need to pay very low fees on this platform. Zero trading fees make crypto adoption easy and instant. Despite being an end-to-end, peer-to-peer trading platform, AirSwap does not charge any trading fees. All transactions can be executed freely on the platform. This feature is perhaps the biggest reason why it is so popular.
  • Token projects have endorsed AirSwap OTC, giving traders confidence that their community is using a safe OTC trading solution.
  • Funds deposited made on the platform can be under the complete control of the user. The platform sets no deposit limits. Similarly, the platform does not have any rules on which tokens and crypto coins are supported when depositing. Every deposit made can be flexibly made as per the financial availability and convenience of the user.
  • Security has always been a top priority. User data security is excellent as the platform does not procure any sensitive data from its users. In terms of crypto security, all exchange features are fortified with multilayered encryption.
  • Sign-ups on the platform are not obligatory. The platform runs on the ETH blockchain. It does not compel the users to provide any details. Registration is not mandatory. The platform enables all its features to be registered and non-registered users alike. The exchange also helps in mitigating the risks related to the safety of the user information. Hence, the trader does not risk their financial credentials while registering with this platform. Due to this ‘no sign-up requirement, more people find the platform safer than other decentralized exchanges.
  • The platform offers excellent liquidity. It can handle million-dollar trades. US-based DeFi projects back this high-volume trading feature. The AST-powered facilities are providing 100% liquidity. Onboarding on the platform becomes easy for pro traders. The competitive prices of AST and other tokens also make trading a high-volume feature.
  • Trading activity is also shown as a marquee across the header and is fully accessible on the Trades section. This aids in deciphering how others on the network trade, as well as identifying patterns and possibilities.

AirSwap FeaturesAirSwap Features

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Is AirSwap Regulated?

An AirSwap price prediction made in late-2020 was accurate within a few weeks into 2021. The price that you see is the price that you will pay. Each swap is cryptographically signed and guaranteed to fill at the stated price during execution with no slippage. This is possible only if the platform and its AST tokens are properly regulated. If the concern is – “is air swap registered?” then the answer to that is – the platform is registered in the US. Hence, it is regulated by US-based crypto laws. As a startup, the company provides its decentralized exchange to enable a peer-to-peer trading platform that accepts popular cryptos like Ethereum and promotes the distribution and trade of new virtual tokens.

Smart contracts made on the Ethereum blockchain are entirely regulated. Buyers and sellers can automatically pair up under no central authority and start trading. Initially, some regulators tried to screw on the AST token ICO. However, this ICO ban was lifted, and the regulators in the United States declared AirSwap as a legit platform. Today, it is closely monitored by global crypto regulators, especially for its circulation of new digital tokens and platform-native tokens. The platform does not support any fraudulent purposes.

AirSwap Services

As per the exchange review, AirSwap is different from other exchanges. With zero counterparty risk, the platform could revolutionize the industry. It is providing the necessary trading facilities to its users. However, it is also generating a higher adoption of crypto coins making their entry into the market. TradingView is the basic service provided by the exchange to its traders. It is designed to suit the needs of every individual in a custom-made fashion. The order book is also an essential service offered by the exchange. Along with these facilities, the platform enables price charts and historical market data. This exchange also provides the order history for purchase/sell transactions.

AirSwap ServicesAirSwap Services

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AirSwaps Products

AirSwap does not offer any particular products. After the AirSwap ICO, the AST token can be considered as a product derived from this platform. AThe exchange helps in integrative crypto wallets, which is also an incredible offering. Besides this, more information on DeFi products is not available online.

AirSwap Reviews: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
 AirSwap does not charge any deposit fees and has not set any limits for deposits and withdrawals.  The platform does not support major stable coins such as Bitcoin.
 The platform charges zero fees on all its operations, including deposits, withdrawals, and trades.
 The platform runs the highest level of security on the Ethereum blockchain.
 The ‘no signup’ flexibility is a reasonable requirement that eliminates the obstacles of account registration.
 It has one of the most user-friendly interfaces in the market.
 Compared to other exchanges, the liquidity quotient of the exchange is high.

To start trading on AirSwap, the user does not require any sign-up process. The website directs the user to the trading interface. It enables the TradingView features and allows the users to make deposits and withdrawals directly. Trading is easy to start and does not have any registration requirements.

AirSwap Fees

Compare to the other exchanges, the platform charges no fees. It also does not limit the number of trades and the volume of deposits and withdrawals. Therefore, users do not pay any fees whatsoever.

Deposit Methods

Unfortunately, does not accept fiat currency deposits. It only supports crypto deposits. The user is compelled to deposit in cryptocurrencies supported by the platform. However, investors can add crypto wallets to convert their fiat currency funds into digital assets. To make the first cryptocurrency deposit, the user needs to simply select the cryptocurrency and add them via private and public keys.

Withdrawal Methods uses a straightforward withdrawal process. The platform doesn’t charge any withdrawal fees on this method. The user can withdraw crypto funds into crypto wallets supported by the platform. The user can also store AST and other tokens on the platform but must register to save this transactional data.

Accepted Payment Methods

The platform supports crypto wallets running on the Ethereum blockchain. That is the only payment method accepted by this trading platform.

Supported Currencies

Currencies supported by the decentralized exchanges are most ERC tokens and platform-native tokens. These digital assets are managed on the Ethereum blockchain only.

  • Ether (ETH)
  • AirSwap token
  • Augur Coin
  • Ox Protocol
  • Aelf
  • Basic Attention Token (BAT)
  • Binance Coin
  • Bloom token
  • Dai (DAI)
  • DigixDAO
  • Enjin Coin
  • Decentraland Token
  • Kyber Network Coin
  • Grid+ Coin
  • OmiseGO Coin
  • RChain Token

Restricted Countries

AirSwap is allowed in the following countries only. The platform does not accept players from countries out of this list.

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Philippines
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Russia
  • Thailand
  • The Netherlands

How Does AST Token Work?

AST is the native token of the AirSwap platform. The company circulates 170 million AST coins. It has a total supply capacity of 500 million ASTs. With this, the AirSwap token can be used in decentralized networks. It serves as a digital asset for traders. The token is designed to protect traders from the risks of fraud counterparties and price slippage. AST token is also used for testing traders are known for front running. To execute trades, users need to possess 100 ASTs. With this amount of ASTs, the platform allows staking. It also helps the users in locking in these ASTs for seven days. After the lock duration, the user gains control of the governance mechanism. The platform is a decentralized exchange because it does not control the users’ funds and trading execution is done via smart contracts. They can now freely trade on the decentralized exchange. Users benefit from the ability to negotiate and execute trades with other counterparties off-chain. The platform has the benefit of decentralized exchanges in that users retain total control over their money until the trade is completed, at which point either both parties receive what they traded for or neither do.

AST Token Performance

AST is currently worth USD 0.180676 as of early-August, 2021. According to market capitalization, the token ranks at 608 position in the global cryptocurrency space. The decentralized exchange registers an average daily trading volume of over $8 million ASTs. The coin price is currently growing significantly. The total market cap of AST stands at $27.2 million. As of 2021, the platform has circulated a little over 150 million AST coins.

AirSwap Security

Compared to the other decentralized exchanges in the market, AirSwap runs its exchange services on a global level. They are spread out in different parts of the US and Europe. Top-tier industry players manage the security of these servers. As a result, the platform ensures low-risk server downtime. Hence, the platform is active 24/7, and unlike other decentralized exchanges, it is virtually immune to all crypto attacks. When one or two servers go down, it does not cause any difference on the platform. The exchange keeps running actively on the Ethereum blockchain.

Like other exchanges in the market, this exchange also never touches the assets of its traders. It has no power to govern or manage the funds of its traders. Hence, hackers cannot retrieve crypto transactional data or credentials such as public keys and private keys. Therefore, hackers can not access the crypto assets on the platform.

AirSwap Customer Support

Consensys and Fluidity manage the customer support team behind AirSwap. These teams handle the privacy of transactional information. They create substantial trustworthiness by providing a responsive 24/7 live chat service along with a dedicated FAQ section. These two companies are also experienced in handling various technical issues on the ETH blockchain. In the cryptocurrency industry,  the exchange scores high in customer support. The platform, however, supports only English as its primary language for communication.

AirSwap Customer SupportAirSwap Customer Support

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AirSwap Reviews: Conclusion

In this review, we explored how the platform became famous for its low-cost crypto trading facilities. The majority of the online AirSwap reviews reflect positivity towards the platform. Several appealing features in the trading domain make this exchange a great choice for crypto investors and traders. However, compared to the other decentralized exchanges, this exchange does not allow fiat-crypto trading, a major downside for the cryptocurrency investors community. The AirSwap token, in particular, is the main USP of this best cryptocurrency exchange. Instead of charging its users with trading fees or fiat currency payments, the platform smartly drives the adoption of the AST tokens. Users need to stake 250 ASTs and get access to all the features of the platform.


Here are the answers to some significant concerns on the AirSwap exchange.

Is AirSwap Legit?

Yes, AirSwap is legit and accepts crypto investors from the US. It is monitored and regulated by the US crypto laws, which are more robust than other countries.

How Do You Use AirSwap?

AirSwap can be used for trading AST and other tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform is used for swapping crypto coins and driving their adoption across the network. Users trade their tokens directly with each other.

What Is an AirSwap Coin?

AST is the native coin on the AirSwap exchange and is used for staking to unlock the platform and its features.

Is AirSwap a DeFi?

Yes, AirSwap started as a DeFi project and is currently a leading crypto exchange in the US.

Is AirSwap a Good Investment?

As most of the online exchange review suggests that AirSwap is considered a good investment as the AST token registers a 5% price hike every week.

Is AirSwap Safe?

AirSwap is considered safe by industry professionals. It is handling million-dollar crypto trades from the US and other parts of the world. The exchange does not store any personal information, so the risks of hacking are eliminated.

How Do I Buy AirSwap?

Trading ETH or other AirSwap-supported crypto coins for the AST tokens is the only way to buy them. The platform also circulates AST tokens for free.

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