Animoca Brands subsidiary Lympo collaborates with Binance NFT to host NFTs of famous athletes – Proactive Investors Australia

The collaboration marks the next important step in Lympo’s integration into the Binance ecosystem, which will result in cheaper transaction fees to mint, transfer and trade NFTs.

Lympo is building a sports NFTs ecosystem based on world-famous athletes and sports clubs.

Animoca Brands’ subsidiary Lympo has entered into a collaboration with the newly launched Binance NFT marketplace. 

Binance NFT brings together artists, creators and crypto enthusiasts from around the world in a marketplace packed with premier exhibitions and non-fungible tokens (NFT) collaborations. 

Following the collaboration, the marketplace will host Lympo’s IP-based sport-related NFTs, including future NFT auctions of special unique cards representing athletes and sports stars. 

NFTs are digital assets and collectables with authenticity, rarity, scarcity, ownership, and other properties that are independently guaranteed, verified and secured on the blockchain. 

Next important step

Lympo CEO Ada Jonuse said: “This marks the next important step in Lympo’s integration into the Binance ecosystem.

“For our users, it means not just much cheaper transaction fees to mint, transfer and trade NFTs, but also exposure to the platform and community of Binance, the world’s leading crypto exchange.

“I look forward to hosting our auctions on the Binance NFT marketplace as we bring to market NFTs that are not only unique and valuable but also have special utilities like staking functionality.”

Lympo NFT minting platform

The Lympo NFT minting platform invites NFT enthusiasts to stake LMT tokens and mint NFTs of world champions and famous athletes.

A large drop of new NFTs is planned to take place once the Lympo NFT minting platform is migrated to Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Earlier this spring, Lympo bridged its token LMT to BSC and listed it on the PancakeSwap decentralized exchange.

The Lympo NFT ecosystem

The Lympo NFT ecosystem, which is powered by LMT, is being developed in two stages.

In the first digital collectibles stage, various NFTs of world-famous athletes, clubs, influencers, and enthusiasts are issued in various rarities to establish a baseline supply.

In the second content and media development stage, various activities will be launched including games using LMT as the main utility token and in-game currency.

These games will implement a ‘Play-to-Earn” model in which players will be able to utilize their Lympo NFTs to create and upgrade their sports hero characters, and then form teams, play against other players, and participate in tournaments to earn rewards with real-world value.

In addition, collectors of Lympo NFTs will be able to stake their NFTs to obtain special rewards, thus increasing the value of these collectibles.