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ARCS AMA Transcript

AMA (Ask Me Anything ) was conducted with ARCS(ARX) on 6 Februry 2020 at 7:00 AM UTC live on our telegram group .

We were joined with COO/Co-Founder of the company .

About ARCX :

The project has started in 2017 and finally got listed on KuCoin last December.

We are trying to build the data banking by using blockchain. I will explain/you can read what is data bank on our medium!!

We are based in Tokyo,Japan.

Community Questions :

Q. How does $ARCS work ?

The overall business model of the AIre ecosystem is the mechanics between data provider, data buyer, and the data bank. The provider can be individuals or third parties, and the buyers are typically businesses who needs the data for analytics. The providers data inputs can come in many formats such as social media, questionnaires, feedback, and proprietary data structures. Once the data rest in the data bank, businesses can inquire data access in return for points or payment tokens for users. The users are protected by high level of privacy and options to authorize different buyers to acquire different data.

Q. Twitter CEO said Africa is the future for everything blockchain, do you have Africa in your plans.

Good question!!

For us africa has huge potential! And for the vision of AIre/ARCS there are tons of synergies to go into that market. AS we always say, the most important thing is to realize the well-being of the end users.
And Africa is emerging area not only as economic but also technical too. So we can’t wait to go there!!

Q. What is the uniqueness of banking in Arcs?

Data bank is the bank for personal data.
Of course GAFA is ruling the personal data but the personal data has to belong to individuals.
So of course through our platform companies can make profits but with our platform people can get the divident of the profit!

Q. What makes your project sure to continue to adopt both Crypto and non-Crypto?

Nice one!
because for us crypto is just a method to share the profit, but the most important part is to provide the platform for everyone to monetize their data.
SO really depends on the clients who want to adopt the tech of us.
So in that sence we can say that we can be in both area!

Q. What is the ARCS economic model and how to use the token in the whole system?

Economic model is quite similar to the one of Facebook, but more decentralised I would say.

Q. How will u change the world of crypto?

Crypto world is very shady to be honest. I don’t say everyone but as industry they are lot of people who have no idea how to interact with people nor do business with people. Not only from project side but from every sides.
So what we wanna achieve is to make everything transparant and bring the people from different industries.

We as Japanese company, we are very proud our integrity.

Q. Blockchain is a rapid-change industry. Can ARCS’s infrastructure design be promptly changed to be suitable with blockchain updates?

Good question!
We are very careful to determine the tech.
People say it’s rapid but the price movement is rapid but the growth of the industry itself isn’t that fast.
So we will take our time to conduct our business.

Q. Do you have any buyback or burning program ?

We can’t say anything determined but we are considering it for sure.

Q. In the future, do you think ARCS will become the largest digital currency in the world? If so, what will make you stand out from your competition in the market for now?

We aren’t trying to be the biggest one in the world. We are trying to build new economy of the data transaction. SO it’s more important for us to have solid ecosystem of ARCS.

Q. Regarding the Test Protocol for the PoC, why did AIre-chain choose Parity Substrate for the PoC?

Good question
So we think in order for us to achieve our goal the gas fee of the Ethereum would be the biggest issue. And then we were looking for alternatives then we were lucky enough to have the partnership with one of the best tech teams (Stake), so we decided go that way.

Q. Do I need KYC to enjoy all the awesome features and facilities of ALRE ?

Not necessarily. But once you have done the KYC, it will bring you more benefit!

Q. Do you have any plans for other top exchanges? It is known that the project was born in Japan. Do you have a business or the Japanese government plans to use and cooperate with you?

Yes we do have plans to go for another exchanges.
Will be coming up soon!!

And yes we are talking one of the cities in Japan. We will do our best to do business with the government!

Q. What’s your plan for global expansion?

We are trying to go for crypto friendly countries.
Such as ASEAN. But also it’s very improtant to keep our eyes open to the global situations.

Q. Does ARCS stacking? How many tokens do I have to have to participate in stacking or become a masternode?

We are still running on Ethereum but once we have own chain we will let you know!

Q. Can you tell us about the advantages of an investor in a ARX token in the long term? How are you going to make this people believe in your vision?

Advantage would be “We as a team are looking for long term, so we don’t do dump nor pump. We care about the long term achievement. So if you believe us, keep holding. Good consequences will come after you!!”

Q. For the growth of AIre ecosystem, which regions and countires is came first?

We can’t ignore Japan so Japan would be one of the priorities for sure then ASEAN and AFRICA would be interesting places.

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