ATOM still one of the best coins out there for BINANCE:ATOMBTC by BitcoinMacro

A few weeks ago I shared an idea before ATOM started booming.

”ATOMUSDT had a very nice pullback back to the previous ATHs and has now reclaimed a key support level . Support turned into resistance and back into support. When Cosmos launched it had a nice big correction vs USD & BTC which was needed as the project launched with a huge ROI as it was at least 2 years in the making while many other projects launched much sooner. That meant there was a lot of potential selling pressure, but now that seems to be gone.

Not only that, but ATOMBTC is looking like a huge accumulation and ATOM is one of the few high profile and important projects out there that haven’t had a big pump yet. In my opinion that time is coming or is already here.

Initially I’d expect it to find some resistance near its ATHs and then slowly break them and go significantly higher.”

Cosmos has now broken its ATHs, retested its previous key highs several times and now vs BTC is essentially at ATHs. Yes on some shady exchanges, OTC trades before launch as some odd but usual spikes when it launched, it did trade between 0.0009-0.0021. However the key thing is that it has kept pushing higher vs BTC while many other coins have been doing very poorly vs USD and BTC . I’ve talked about ATOM a lot on twitter too so I haven’t put out too many updates here as I have already shared it, but now that it has completed this key breakout and is consolidating at this level I have to talk about it again.

To me the story about ATOM isn’t just the price, but the narrative behind it. In a multi blockchain world, a blockchain to connect them all is definitely something special. At least this is currently the narrative and is dominating the space, as more and more layer 1 and layer 2 protocols are pumping. Cosmos is only at 11B Market cap and it has tremendous potential as most of the supply is being staked and a lot of cool features are coming, while it is one of the blockchains that still hasn’t had a blow off top or some sort of extreme pump.

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