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An FCA warning refers to Binance Markets, not, the crypto exchange said.

Barclays Block Is Based on ‘Inaccurate Understanding,’ Binance Says

Binance said the decision by Barclays to prevent customers using debit and credit cards to buy crypto on the exchange appears to be based on an “inaccurate understanding of events.”

  • Barclays said yesterday that it is stopping card payments to Binance following the Financial Conduct Authority’s warning that the exchange should not be operating in the U.K.
  • “We are disappointed that Barclays appears to have taken unilateral action based on what appears to be an inaccurate understanding of events,” a Binance spokesperson said.
  • Binance said the FCA warning specifically referred to Binance Markets and “does not apply to the products and services provided through”
  • “We would welcome a dialogue with Barclays to discuss any concerns that they have and we hope that the above information helps to provide clarity on the matter.”

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