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LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / July 8, 2021 / Crypto continues to capture the interest of investors and enthusiasts everywhere. And to keep the wheels of the industry turning, more platforms are emerging to cater to the different preferences of the users. Battleship, an innovative take on conventional lottery-based systems has announced the launch of the fully blockchain-based lottery platform that uses EtherLite Blockchain.

Battleship supports a lottery environment and economy that has created a very special blockchain-based lottery system to provide highly transparent digital services & competitive lottery platform solutions. Based on a foundation of deep industry knowledge, broad skill, and experience, as well as a successful business plan, Battleship will be a worldwide lottery platform that is web-based, mobile-friendly, and totally secure based on smart contracts.

How Does Battleship Work?

A blockchain-based Battleship ecosystem generally features master node functions, a hybrid consensus method, BTL tokens, smart contracts, participant wallets, affiliate programs, and mobile compatibility.

The Battleship platform lets players participate in their favorite lottery games while also providing a range of value-added services in a fair environment.

As per their whitepaper, their plan is to develop a fair and transparent lottery system with numerous lottery alternatives, and intend to expand our usage of Blockchain technology in the future to include additional creative games. Their lottery method will include two components during the initial phase of Battleship:

Public Lottery

The approach of a public lottery game will generate a lot of trust and involvement, as participants will invite others to play and grow the Battleship community throughout the world. They offer two types of public lotteries, one with a fixed prize and a draw every 24 hours, and the other with a payout based on the number of tickets sold every six hours.

Private Lottery

This is one of the core and unique features that Battleship will develop, allowing people to build their own Private Lottery League with this lottery system and play with their circle of friends and family. The private lottery will foster a new degree of community trust and give a variety of alternatives for people who choose to engage in groups.

The player joins the lottery site through a contemporary and user-friendly interface, where he or she can purchase a limitless number of lottery tickets and select numbers for each ticket. Tickets are purchased with a single click from the user’s wallet. An Etherlite transaction contributes to the prize pool by going to the smart contract of the chosen lottery.

Why Battleship Chose EtherLite?

EtherLite is a blockchain platform that is designed to be efficient. Leveraging EtherLite, Battleship provides users with an extremely secure, and low fee environment to transact on.

Furthermore, the Battleship platform will allow for the inclusion of new forms of lotteries in the future. The first Etherlite Blockchain based fair lottery system, created using breakthrough RNG (random number generation), will run independently for all the players around the world.

Battleship’s decentralized worldwide network not only provides a secure and trustworthy environment for players and operators but also democratizes the experience by making it accessible to anybody, regardless of their location or financial position.

Battleship is also developing a next-generation lottery environment that addresses the fundamental problems in online gaming. By giving players and organizations all over the world rapid, reliable, and up-to-date technical access, the integration of blockchain technology provides a practical method to simplify the online lottery model and solve its shortcomings.


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