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BetProtocol Connects With Chainlink for Esports and Sports Betting

BetProtocol ,a decentralized platform powered by blockchain for creating betting apps announced today that it is connecting with Chainlink on all of its gaming platforms.

The integration will allow it to use Chainlink blockchain technology for gaming platforms .

These oracles will provide BetProtocol operators with accurate off-chain data to reliably settle bets .

Justin Wu, Co-Founder of BetProtocol said :

Esports and Sports platforms are going to play a huge role in the future of decentralized gaming, and Chainlink is the perfect oracle provider for BetProtocol.

After launch BetProtocol operators will be able to use Chainlink as their default oracle setting and the operators using Chainlink as their oracle will have priority certification and on-boarding with BetProtocol.

Escorts platforms are to be released on BetProtocol which is further expected to be launched by early 2020.

Though there was no affect of this on tokens price either side but it has already pumped since last week as a result of “BUY THE ROMOUR”.

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