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To maintain the dollar’s position in the world, the U.S. should follow Randal Quarles’ advice and foster an open, stablecoin-driven money system.

Miners who remain operational are likely to become even more profitable over the coming weeks.

The growth could be the result of traders looking for faster and cheaper transactions compared with Ethereum.

The U.S. leads the world in bitcoin ATMs, and the number is growing rapidly.

The Labor Department also revised May’s numbers up by 24,000.

The cryptocurrency is expected to hold support above $30,000.

Investors who locked in borrowed coins will need to repurchase those to repay the loan, cryptocurrency pundits say.

Brian Armstrong is listed on the central bank’s calendar, public records show.

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Recapping this week’s congressional hearing and more on “The Weekly Recap.”

This special episode taken from Consensus 2021, tackles the complexities of counting, tracking, and reporting ESG, including climate accounting, sustainable investing, Wall Street’s ESG movement, blockchains for ESG tracking and tokenizing ESG. Special guest appearances by: Massamba Thioye, Martin Weinstein, Kevin O’Leary, Mark McDivitt, Cristina Dolan, Marc Johnson, and Paul Brody.


Bitcoin wrested control of money from the state. Ethereum and other technologies will return it to the heterogeneous communities that dot the globe, write Matthew Prewitt and Steven McKie.


Robinhood will offer IPO shares to its own users, highlighting the company’s dependence on complex, high-risk bets.


The Cayman Islands’ financial watchdog said that Binance has not registered to operate in the nation and that it was investigating the matter.


Most Indian exchanges pay the goods and services tax on their profits and commissions in the absence of clarity from the country’s tax authority.


Nigeria’s crypto industry is growing fast despite the government’s efforts to stunt bitcoin adoption, says a local trader.

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