Binance Custody leaves in Lithuania –


A hit out of the ordinary for Binance, which despite its structure historically liquid launches into one of the most important sectors for institutional investors and does it in Europe thus surpassing the competitors who instead took action in this sense mainly in the USA.

L’exchange driven by CZ it will offer services of custody of cryptocurrencies from within the EU borders, thus seriously applying to become a point of reference both for funds and for EU institutions who want to physically buy cryptocurrencies and have them on the balance sheet.

Binance Custody lands in Lithuania – and soon across the EU

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Binance Custody: This is what it is

Nothing new for those who follow Binance every day, at least in terms of operation. The great news is that the service will be based in Lithuania – a country most likely chosen for a great deal of attention to digital companies and services (also in terms of taxation) – and which will therefore be able to serve all the countries of theEU.

User protection is of great importance to Binance Custody and all initiatives in the Binance ecosystem. By virtue of this, the building blocks with which we have built Binance Custody are based on security, compliance and utilities. We are looking forward to starting the service for our customers in Lithuania and, subsequently, in other areas.

This is the comment of CZ which also allows us to understand one timeline for the extension of these projects to other areas of Europe. We will start with a pilot in Lithuania, after which it will be the turn, we imagine, of the other European economies.

The fight for the custody has just opened

In fact, we have all the main exchanges in the world to battle over this specific service – which provides for the safe custody of cryptocurrencies on behalf of third parties and protected from attacks and malfunctions. Coinbase today it is the reference service – to which the majority of institutional investors turn USA.

The European market, on the other hand, is relatively untouched, at least as regards the large groups who are involved in this type of services. A market that is growing and on which we could soon have a new entry – given that there are rumors of an upcoming commitment also of Kraken.

In a defining phase for the whole market – the struggle to become hub reference has just opened – with unbridled competition which we users will mainly benefit from.

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