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Binance, a cryptocurrency exchange has had its operating license rescinded in many top countries by the local market regulators in the recent growing signs of industry worldwide crackdown.

This development is a recent action from regulators against cryptocurrency following certain irregularities among the business models in certain countries. According to the one regulator, Binance is not subject to any regulatory oversight itself. However, it is investigating if any of Binance businesses have broken any of its laws within its jurisdiction.

All of this issue started when Binance decided to join other crypto firms in withdrawing their registration with FCA because they didn’t meet AML requirements. According to the FCA, the ban on Binance is limited in that Binance cannot operate in Britain, although non-registered businesses can offer services to its U.K. clients. This means Binance can still do its business using its website.

According to Binance, the notice from FCA UK does not affect their services. Their relationship with users remains unchanged. They are using a collective approach to operate and they honor their obligations to comply with law. They are recording new rules, laws and policies in the crypto market.

The FCA are not the only one to ban the crypto market. Japan’s FSA has issued a warning against Binance and other crypto exchanges operations and has demanded they obtained a license according to their Virtual Asset Service Providers Act.

Meanwhile, the move to stop crypto growth in valuation, has gained momentum with China’s ban on miners to stop mining in several areas and urging payment firms and banks do not make any other exchange.

Effect of increased scrutiny of market operations

Increased scrutiny of the market has caused a significant drop in crypto value. Bitcoin started the year, at a valuation of $65,000. Since the crackdown, it has fallen drastically with price at $34,783. Asides from bitcoin, other well-known cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Dogecoin, Stablecoin have also lost value due to these restrictions.

This isn’t just any regulation change which would hold the crypto value, but is part of a bigger picture where regulatory trends become a thing. Many more countries are looking for ways to enforce restrictions on the market to take control as predicted by

The plan for policymakers to allow a centred monetary system to exist without putting checks in place is fantastic, but if crypto becomes accepted worldwide expect strict regulations immediately

One service that Binance from its competition is its ability to trade local currency for digital. In June, Silvergate Bank, Binance US partner stopped accepting US dollar withdrawals and deposit orders. While Binance says its entities are not all connected to it, investors feel this was a handy tactic for avoiding regulatory problems.


With how various financial regulatory services are going about placing restrictions on crypto exchanges such as Binance, there has to be a compromise between the exchanges and the regulatory bodies for there to be a smooth operation involving cryptocurrency. These bans in most big countries are going to affect the trust customers have with these platforms

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