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Several cryptocurrency exchanges have committed resources to facilitate Initial Exchange Offerings or IEOs. Binance remains the top platform to do so in terms of ROI, even though primarily focuses on quantity. Regardless of which platform one uses, investing in an IEO remains relatively lucrative in 2021 and beyond. 

IEOs Still Provide Good Returns

As a cryptocurrency enthusiast, there are many ways to use existing assets in search of more considerable riches. Whether one wants to trade, stake, provide liquidity on DEXes or explore other options, there are many opportunities to choose from. One option no one should overlook is the opportunity to invest in IEOs, or Initial Exchange Offerings.

Unlike Initial Coin Offerings, IEOs are a bit more legitimate. More specifically, they occur with the help of centralized exchanges, which put their reputation on the line to help teams raise money. Interestingly, there have been roughly 275 IEOs to date across all of the major exchanges and trading platforms. Admittedly, that number is much lower than one would expect, but only viable long-term projects with a suitable business plan can utilize this fundraising method.

Different exchanges will have varying requirements for teams looking to organize an IEO. For example, a major platform like Binance or Huobi will be more strict than That may explain why the latter exchange has 135 IEOs to date, with an average all-time high ROI of 2,460%. Moreover, those projects average a current ROI of 603%, confirming it remains a viable investment option. 

It is also interesting to see how Bittrex (4) and FTX (6) are not that keen on Initial Exchange Offerings unless the project makes sense. However, Bittrex’s current ROI of 344% is much lower than FTX’s 2,057%. The platform one uses to invest in for an IEO certainly matters, and the top exchanges remain one’s best option, per these statistics

Source: CryptoRank

Binance Leads By A Landslide

No one is surprised to see Binance top the ROI chart with its 23 Initial Exchange Offerings. Its all-time high ROI of 25,157% is mind-blowing, yet the current ROI of 14,100% is still very respectable. No other platform comes close to such high rates, indicating IEOs on Binance should be high on anyone’s priority list. However, these events are relatively rare and difficult to participate in due to high demand and limited availability. 

While one would expect OKEx to be closer to KuCoin or Huobi for ROI rankings, the platform lags behind. Despite organizing 13 Initial Exchange offerings, its current ROI is 164%. That is still rather decent, yet it shows the criteria for supporting projects and ideas may need to be improved upon. 

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