Bitcoin πŸ€‘ 60,000. This indicator predicted a rise 😲😲 for BINANCE:BTCUSDT by eXpansion_eng

Yesterday bitcoin rose to the $63,000 mark. There is a liquidity candle (marked with an arrow in the upper left corner) at these marks, and there is strong resistance in this area, which stopped the price.

Below noted is an important support zone between $55,000 and $53,000. Also worth noting is the $50,000 level, which acts as strong support.

Based on the technical analysis , the price will either correct to the lower support zone or consolidate near the resistance level now.

When is the best time to buy?

It is best to buy after consolidation and breaking through the level of $63,000 or after a test of the support levels.

We currently have open positions in 4 of 5 strategies.

Strategy #1 (day strategy) – 44900 USD/ BTC – 0.25% + leverage 2x

2. Strategy #2 (MACA) – 48100 USD/ BTC – 0.2% + leverage 2x.

Strategy #3 (MACD-R) – 48100 USD/ BTC – 0,15% + leverage 2x

Strategy #4 (4h) – 55030 USD/ BTC – 0.25% + leverage 2x

5. Strategy #5 (1w) – Waiting for the signal of the indicator

Below you can see our trade strategy #1 (day strategy), now we have 40% profit from it + 40% profit with leverage = 80% profit. Exit by strategy after crossing the moving from top to bottom.

Right now the upper moving average is looking down and moving towards the crossing, this is a possible signal to a correction and exit the position.

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