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Author Jimmy Song discusses his book “Thank God For Bitcoin” and parellels between Bitcoin and Bible scripture.

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Author, Clubhouse host and Twitter influencer Jimmy Song joined hosts Steven McClurg and C.J. Wilson in episode nine of “Bitcoin Bottom Line” to discuss religion and the production of his book “Thank God For Bitcoin.”

Song kicked off the episode discussing his book, sharing that he wanted to write because producing content is a way to help others on their journey.

“There’s a lot of conflicting voices, a lot of noise,” Song said. “It’s hard to cut through that and understand what’s going on, so I try to simplify things to help others understand.”

McClurg shared that, even after six years of explaining Bitcoin to his wife, she never fully understood the concept until she read “Thank God For Bitcoin.” Since then, she’s been excitedly sending it to all of her friends and sharing it with her community.

“I’m just trying to help others, because Bitcoin has helped me in many ways, especially financially,” Song said.

After working in Corporate America and having his opinions largely beholden to his employers, Song discovered a freedom in expressing his opinion and being authentic. He began sharing his faith at Bitcoin conferences, where he connected with his six coauthors-to-be. This group ended up holding a Zoom Bible study during the COVID-19 pandemic, which led to the writing of “Thank God For Bitcoin.” They studied what the Bible says regarding money and read economic textbooks, integrating Song’s past 10 years of experience with Bitcoin and his religion.

Wilson noted that this links the most futuristic money ever invented and some of the oldest rules ever written. The similarities in the two demonstrate that people haven’t necessarily changed in a lot of ways.

“A lot of the systems we have right now tend to be very alienating to the soul, and corporations tend to be one of those things,” Song commented. “It’s a completely artificial environment that we aren’t necessarily equipped to deal with.”

“Bitcoin gives you a sense of independence from a lot of the controlling systems that exist,” he continued. “There is so much that ends up controlling us that we think is beneficial to humanity, but they end up playing us.”

McClurg then explained that he spent most of his life working for corporations where he had to bury his religious and political beliefs, but he changed that for his employees.

“When Leah and I started Valkyrie, we decided that our values would be instilled in the company and people would be able to express them,” McClurg said.

Wilson closed out the episode with an analogy: “Bitcoin is a guiding North Star as I’m sailing across the ocean,” he said, “I know I’m going to encounter waves and sharks along the way, but Bitcoin’s my light and drives my vision.” 

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