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Cross-chain investment platform Aperture has raised $5.3 million, after welcoming investment from a slew of prominent crypto-focused hedge funds. The Silicon Valley-based company, which functions as a gateway to the burgeoning decentralized finance space, was at the center of a seed and strategic funding round led by ParaFi Capital, Arrington Capital, Costanoa Ventures and Divergence Ventures.

Aperture was founded last year by a team that includes alumni of Stanford, Cornell and UC Berkeley, and the project’s bold vision has been endorsed by VCs such as Rarestone Capital, Krypital Group, PrimeBlock Ventures, Metaline, Double Peak, Athena Ventures, and Stakely Venture Capital. Terraform Labs CEO Do Kwon also gave Aperture a thumbs up, having pledged capital during the initial financing phase.

A One-Stop Shop for Defi

The financial opportunities offered by defi are legion, but with protocols scattered across different networks and steep technical learning curves awaiting novice users, mainstream adoption remains elusive. With this in mind, Aperture seeks to provide easy access to the industry’s products and services from a single user-friendly protocol.

This aggregation is possible thanks to Aperture’s infrastructure, which includes several integrated bridge solutions to support a constant flow of liquidity between disparate blockchain networks. Advanced algorithms are also deployed to filter yield-farming protocols according to their ROI potential.

“On-chain investment opportunities have complexified 100x in the past year, as strategies now involve multiple chains, advanced financial derivatives, and head-to-head competition with professional trading firms,” says Calvin Liu, investor and ex-Strategy Lead at Compound.

“The Aperture team is building an industry-leading, cross-chain strategy development platform for democratizing access to the best risk-quantified opportunities across all of crypto. We’re really excited for their launch and think users will find a ton of value in the product suite.”

One of the first major milestones for Aperture is the release of its global private beta on the Terra blockchain on February 7th. Designed for “seasoned degens looking to save a few steps” as well as “normies seeking to execute a complicated strategy above their YouTube research capabilities,” Aperture Beta will offer a range of delta-neutral strategies on synthetic stock tokens, giving users the opportunity to hedge away the risks associated with price movements in either direction.

According to the powers-that-be at Aperture, delta-neutral positions auto-rebalance every five minutes to maintain collateral ratios in the safety zone, and can generate an APY of up to 54.72% despite recent market turbulence. Supported stocks include Microsoft, Disney, PayPal, Netflix, Starbucks and Twitter.

The maiden Aperture product will utilize several yield farms on the Anchor, Mirror and Spectrum protocols and serve some 400 high-ranking users who previously registered for the waitlist. Those keen to leverage the investment platform won’t have to wait long until the full release, incidentally: the public V1 launch is expected next month.

The full Aperture launch will allow users to get to grips with all the ecosystem has to offer, including Invest +, a marketplace for community-driven defi strategies. The native token of Aperture (TBD) will help token stakers generate higher yield while serving as the platform’s governance token.

This post contains sponsored advertising content. This content is for informational purposes only and not intended to be investing advice.

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