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Over the last six months, funding rounds for ventures that focus on blockchain have occurred at a fast rate. Given the influx of institutional capital, it’s no wonder over 20 blockchain-focused companies now have unicorn positions.

Top blockchain funding rounds-


Revuto is a subscription payment platform that recently closed a $1.7 million funding round as it accelerates to launch its Cardanao-based Decentralised App. Revuto’s DApp enables users to manage their subscriptions through Cardio-native tokens and defi. Further Revuto conducted a community sale. The first sale was implemented on the Cardano blockchain. While Tier 1 of this sale round raised $1.6m in less than 30 minutes, Tier 2 went one better, completely selling out in 18 minutes to raise another $1.7m.

Bware Lans

Decentralized infrastructure project Bware Labs recently managed to raise $1.2 million. The star-tup, which recently became the official staking provider of Elrond Network, is constructing a decentralized App platform and won investment from a batch of notable investors which includes- Moonrock Capital, The Spartan Group, and Morningstar Ventures. Vendetta Capital, Genesis Block Ventures, Waterdrip Capital, and Avalanche Foundation also pitched their collective support behind the start-up.


Vertalo, a Texas-based start-up has closed a series funding round and it raised up to $5 million from investors including Coinbase. Not only this, the blockchain-agnostic crypto management platform that connects with ecosystem contributors generated a record of $1.5m of revenue.


DeversiFi, a Decentralized Ethereum exchange, aims at facilitating inexpensive and affordable defi trading, and with that, they recently closed a strategic investment round that raised $5 million. The investors included Defiance Capital and


An Ethereum-based platform, Zapper enables users to manage and direct their defi assets and liabilities from a single simple dashboard. Zapper has facilitated over $2.4 billion worth of investment while providing support to numerous defi platforms.

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