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PORTLAND, Ore., Feb. 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via CryptoCurrencyWire — Renowned NFT artist Jeremy Ryan, aka NFT Demon, is pleased to announce his projects are the only NFTs on Binance Smart Chain of interest to rapper Eminem.

NFT Demon is the largest NFT artist on the Binance Smart Chain in terms of minted NFTs, large collections created, and number of fully minted collections with 10,000 pieces or more. NFT Demon boasts six exceptional collections, including Cartel Punks, Bad Ass Doggos and Gaming Shiba, with many more in development.

In his most recent news, NFT Demon has shown that his collections are the only ones that famous rapper Eminem owns on Binance Smart Chain. This was revealed after a blockchain review determined that Eminem only owns three NFTs in his Binance Smart Chain Wallet, those being from three of the collections created by NFT Demon.

“Recently, we found out that Eminem has only my NFTs in his BSC Wallet,” says NFT Demon. “Readers can easily tell it’s Eminem’s by looking at his Bored Ape. If you then plug that same exact address in BSC Scan, you will see he owns three NFTs – one Cartel Punks, one Bad Ass Doggo and one Gaming Shiba NFT. I am the only artist in his BSC Wallet. The man clearly has great taste.”

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About NFT Demon

Jeremy Ryan, also known as NFT Demon, is a man with a very colorful history. From political activism to false terrorism charges against the government and even two runs for U.S. Congress, he has always been at the forefront. NFTs are his passion now, and within a month of entering Binance Smart Chain, he became the largest artist on the entire chain.

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