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How difficult is it to conceive a blockchain project? To implement it, and then bring it to the top? Bohdan Prylepa, an ambitious young businessman from Ukraine, managed to do this several times. He manages several projects related to cryptocurrency, and these projects are quite popular in the crypto community now.

Here is the success story of a contemporary enthusiast of modern technologies, a talented manager, and a person who is simply passionate about life, whose blog on Instagram is already loved by over a million subscribers.

The first company in which Bohdan proved himself was the digital agency “Sarafan Co”, where Prylepa acted as a co-founder even before he graduated from the institute. This initially small agency specialized in the creation of web services and mobile applications, offline marketing, and the production of advertising videos. They also developed marketing strategies and promoted brands. The company worked until 2017 when a new star arrived in Bohdan`s life – blockchain.

Bohdan first heard about cryptocurrencies in 2013. By 2017, the potential of the latter was already so obvious to Bohdan that he realized that this is the very area in which he wanted to specialize, and — become one of the best in this field. As such, Prylepa came to the blockchain, stayed there, and till this day he’s one of the most prominent and successful entrepreneurs of the crypto world. Absolutely everything that Prylepa and his team undertake becomes profitable.

The next step in Bohdan’s career was the creation of the IT company Prof-it in 2015, where he worked as CTO. The company specializes in the development of high-load and multi-user web applications based on blockchain technologies. He is in charge of the strategic development of the company, working with key customers and partners, brand promotion, and the creation of the company’s corporate structure (departments, divisions, and top management).

Bohdan Prylepa is Prof-it Chief technical officer until now. He optimizes working hours, increases the efficiency of the company’s employees, communicates with customers, and builds the company’s strategy. All of which in turn, helps Prof-it to occupy a leading position in the market. The main office of the company is located in the UAE now. A significant achievement in the work of the Prof-it company was the creation of the BTCU — the Bitcoin Ultimatum project. This is a new-generation bitcoin fork, which has significant advantages over its predecessor. Some of the advantages are a speed of 200 transactions per second, and the ability to scale up to 10,000 transactions per second. There are also private transactions within the network that contribute to the anonymity of transfers. In addition, smart contracts can be run on the BTCU blockchain, and the coin itself is mined not through the unecological and outdated mining mechanism, but progressive staking technology.

As of today, Bohdan has taken part in developing crypto exchange platforms that are already in the top 20 rankings worldwide – which is a feat of its own. He and his team are constantly working on improving the technical solutions and support they can offer to every single person interested in the projects and platforms they’re working on. To mention one of many, the most common and main advantage of Bohdan’s platforms is the security system that the creators paid maximum attention to, with firewalls and cold wallet assets storage onboard and much more. Because for him, nothing is more important than the quality of service and user satisfaction.

He is a man who knows how to work hard and how to relax as well. Bohdan is a proactive person, he travels a lot with his family, enjoys sports, in particular, boxing and football, and leads a healthy lifestyle. In addition to business, Prylepa is involved in charity. According to RBC Ukraine, Bohdan was included in the TOP 20 bloggers of Instagram in 2020. He blogs about traveling, writes about blockchain and – of course – his family.

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