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AMA (Ask Me Anything ) was conducted with Bluzelle on 16 April 2020 at 3:00 PM UTC live on our telegram group .

We were joined with Pavel Bains,CEO of Bluzelle .

About the Guest :
I’m the cofounder and CEO of Bluzelle. I’m originally from Vancouver and now live in Singapore.

About Bluzelle :

Bluzelle is a POS decentralized data network. First database powered by Cosmos.Bluzelle does 10,000 TPS and allows for Developers to get the same as AWS at half the price.

Twitter Questions :

Q. Can you explain to us the role of Multi and Hybrid Cloud in providing data to Dapps? Besides Multi and Hybrid Cloud, what is the core technology that Bluzelle is using?

Multi cloud means that the developer isn’t locked into any provider. Gives flexibility. Hybrid means it can be on the cloud or stored on site. Again, flexibility.

The core tech is NoSQL for database and Cosmos for Consensus.

Q. Why does Bluzelle powered by two tokens; BLZ (ERC20) & BNT (Bluzelle Network Token)? What is the connection and roles of these two in your ecosystem?

BLZ is for easier access for everyone. Now when confirming transactions on the network we need speed. Ethereum is too slow. So having an internal token allows us to process fast.

User puts in BLZ. They get same amount on BNT. Use the network.

Q. Can you tell us more details about the launching of “Swarm of Duty” how will benefit Bluzelle token holder and developers on this program?

Swarm of Duty is our incentivised testsnet. It’s designed to help test the network and build use cases. For token holders it gets you ready for staking. For Validators it allows them to apply. For developers, they get to win prizes. All this gives us more ammunition to build a bigger following and ecosystem.

Community Questions :

Q. Can you tell us the motivation and benefits for investors to hold BLZ token long term? What plans do you have to help drive demand and scarcity for the token?

Do you believe that decentralized products will be the future?

If so, then you can’t have part of the tech be centralised. Otherwise there is a weak point.

That means you MUST have decentralized data storage. And we are that one.

Q. Mass adoption is an problem for blockchain projects. So how will Bluzelle solve this problem in order to achieve adoption in reality?

Mass adoption isn’t a problem. Industry is too young. Focus on the current stage. PayPal didn’t become mass adoption until many years later. If EBay didn’t come around, it might have even taken longer. 😀

Q. After holding this AMA event, what should be our role as a community?
About your staking tools, what interesting features do you have to tell us, is it simpler, is it better than the rest of blockchains?

Go get your Bluzelle wallet. And spread the word. Go to and contribute to win prizes and build awareness. 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

Q. Focusing on Protocol development on blockchain is Bluzelle’s direction in 2019-2020, so do you have any plans to collaborate with protocol developers? And is Bluzelle’s database system sufficient to meet the needs of web development?

One of the benefits of using Cosmos is there interchain blockchain protocol (IBC). That makes is easy for Bluzelle to be the data layer for EVERY protocol.

Q. What problems do you see occurring in the blockchain industry nowadays and how does your project aims to solve these problems?

Black Thursday revealed that the infrastructure for Defi was still weak. It almost collapsed completely. So we need to double down on strengthening that so we can get more users to feel confident about defi.

Q. Revenue and adoption play crucial roles in every crypto projects, and you have been in crypto field for a while now, What way are you planning on generating revenue and adoption with your technology?

Revenue is through transaction fees for data storage. First area is Dapps and showing how well our product works. Second is 1 or 2 use cases for regular apps but have them not know blockchain is behind it. They just see the security and availability. We are working on those products now.

Q. The private data control and data syndication are considered to the successfully building of Bluzelle?

You store the data, but how editable is the data when is on the platform? Is fully access or exist any limitations?

Just like regular database, it can be edited. Bonus that we have that regular databases don’t is we can guarantee that right owner changed it.

Q. How does Bluzelle deal with the issues of scalability, security and interoperability associated with crypto and blockchain technology?
As a developer,
I am familiar with solidity and solidity++;
Can I build DApps on bluzelle and what are the modalities involved?

Right now if you can use JS you can build on Bluzelle. We will be adding more languages like Python.

Q. What is the first capital to be able to follow the stake … And what is the profit if you follow the stake?

About your staking tools, what interesting features do you have to tell us, is it simpler, is it better than the rest of blockchains?

We will be releasing token economics soon. We are keeping it very simple with our Bluzelle wallet. Delegating will be easy. Just pick the validator and get going.

Q. How can Bluzelle ensure data is managed, stored and shared in a way that maintains and guarantees privacy? How do you make a new user convinced of what Bluzelle offers?

the Cosmos team released a number of features that synergize perfectly with Bluzelle. How the implementation of this technology can affect the $ BLZ?

I can see that by 2020 there were many planned objectives, however the situation of COVID-19 has hindered the development of many projects. How Bluzelle deals with this situation?

We convince a user by showing off apps running on Bluzelle and how the nodes come to consensus. New Cosmos tech adds to our power. Mainly interoperability.

With Covid 19 we find new focus. We saw flaws in online security and Defi infrastructure. This is an opportunity to grow.

Q. Recently, Bluzelle divided its NODES into SWARMS. Why did you do this? What’s the benefit to the Bluzelle ecosystem?

Swarms are like galaxies in a universe. It allows for consensus and speed. Instead of overloading one galaxy with too many stars, we make a new one.

If a developer needs a swarm for a certain region, we can spin it up.

Q. What would be an ideal situation of node distribution around the world for bluzelle to perform well?

How much do you care that the Bluzelle network keeps the information private?

We calculate 13 nodes for one swarm are optimal. More than that we can create more swarms for different uses cases and regions. This way we can keep getting an unlimited number of swarms. And have mass availability.

Q. According to the decentralization concept, if one node is turned down, the network persist. But if I am a player, and the edge cache I am connected to goes down, does MY connection gets lost? How many time would take it to reconnect me to another edge cach.

How secure is an Edge caching node? Usually the data base from a game ia robust, and it is difficult to get it down. How can this be reproduced in hundreds or maybe thousands of Edge caching nodes? How can you ensure security of the network?

You are connected to multiple nodes but accessing few. So you should lose no time.

Data is not stored on hundreds of nodes. That’s not efficient. 10-20. That keeps it redundant.

Q. What is Bluzelle and its technology? Is Bluzelle a separate Blockchain like Ethereum chain or
other chains?do you have any plans to reach worldwide attention to BLZ or BNT?

We are a separate chain using Cosmos. Binance Chain is also using Cosmos.

Every Dapp needs a data store. We will be worldwide.

Q. What is the right path to ensure we build meaningful applications without spending thousands of dollars on inefficient business development?

Look at which area the users are right now. That is Defi / open finance.

Q. What problems do you see occurring in the blockchain industry nowadays and how does your project aims to solve these problems?

Information flow for pricing in defi is limiting and can be exploited. Bluzelle’s network can solves that.

Q. How can I join the CURIE Testnet launch, what rewards does the community receive?

Q. For which types of games do you think BLUZELLE would be absolutely ideal to apply? urgently

What operational and cost advantages does Bluzelle bring to companies?

Multiplayer games. We are half the cost of AWS.

Q. In terms of providing cloud services, how are you gonna compete against Amazon AWS, Google cloud and all? What makes you stand out against them?

We offer a different product for the customer. If a product wants to secure, available everywhere for a cheaper price, and censorship resistant, the companies you names can’t do that.

Q. What plans are in place for global expansion,
Are you focusing only on one market at this time?
Are you focusing on building, developing, or getting customers/users, or partnerships?
Can you please explain this?

Expansion focus on Asia first. Industry focus is finance.

Priority is finish development of Mainnet and get customers building awesome projects now.

Then use those to get the partnerships to expand reach to new customers.

Q. Bluzelle is funded by such big companies as HASHED, NGC. What is your relationship today and what made them believe in your team and product?

Relationship is good. They believed in the team and market potential. They are good for connecting us with other companies and entering new markets.

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