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Cardano Makes Crucial Updates to Network Nodes

Cardano have revealed that they are making crucial changes to their architecture.  The news was revealed on their blog highlighted the major changes to the Cardano Node and also includes Cardano Explorer Backend with Web API.

Cardano communication chief Tim Harrison revealed in the post the updates was a culmination of 18 months of hard work by the IOHK engineers. 

The updates are expected to usher in further developments ahead of the upcoming releases of Shelley and Goguen.  The current network node was launched in 2017 and has become obsolete according to the revamped roadmap released by Cardano last year. 

Crucial updates to be implemented by February 20

Cardano revealed that the updates to its architecture would begin with the implementation of Ouroboros BFT (Byzantine Fault Tolerance) scheduled to be launched on February 20. 

The launch of BFT would enable a switch from its old blockchain implementation to the new updates. In addition, the blockchain platform would be able to migrate core nodes for block creation for the new updates. 

Daedalus users would also be able to upgrade to new wallet features after the launch of BFT. 

New updates to bring improvements to Cardano network

The new updates are expected to open doors for third party developers and enterprise firms to develop smart contracts on Cardano’s blockchain. 

The new updates would also enable IOHK engineers to make specific changes within the blockchain without affecting other aspects of the ecosystem. 

There are also new features that have been added to the platform including IPC interface. The IPC interface would enable multiple client components which include, explorers, custom integration APIs, explorers, wallets and other tools. 

Cardano would also be able to make significant improvements to the speed of transactions performed per second (TPS).  Cardano is seen as one of the top ambitious projects within the blockchain industry. 

Weiss crypto rating wrote recently that the blockchain platform has the potentials to surpass Tezos as it is a more ambitious platform 

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