Crypto collapse: Binance is not so fine, FTX Delaware vs FTX … – David Gerard


The latest collapse roundup is out, and this time it’s Amy’s turn to post. [Amy Castor]

In this episode:

  • Binance is behaving like there’s a great big hole in their books, and CZ completely flubbed his Squawk Box interview
  • The FTX Bahamas liquidators are behaving … strangely
  • Salame shopped SBF to the Bahamas regulators
  • Celsius and Voyager are mostly just sitting there
  • Gemini is trying to get its money back from Genesis, and issuance of their GUSD stablecoin is interesting
  • Tether’s latest accountant is getting cold feet
  • Brian Armstrong no longer holds any Coinbase stock. But he’s very bullish on crypto, he wants to make clear!

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