Crypto Interoperability will be MASSIVE!! with Wanchain

Crypto Interoperability will be MASSIVE!! with Wanchain

Wanchain has been approaching blockchain interoperability with a different approach. And it has actually made some big strides in the space. Could Wanchain become the leader in the interoperability space and establish a way blockchains interact? What has been achieved till now and where is the project heading towards? Shash talks to Weijia Zhang from Wanchain about what is blockchain interoperability and what should we expect from Wanchain.

1:00 Why is blockchain interoperability so complicated?
5:07 How is Wanchain’s interoperability approach different?
9:03 How secure is Wanchain’s interoperability solution?
11:13 Does Wanchain have a solution for multiple asset creation?
13:54 Which legacy chains has Wanchain connected with?
14:50 How is Wanchain different from Layer 2 solutions?
17:09 How is the Wanchain ecosystem growing?
19:00 Why do you think the WAN token could grow?
22:20 Does Wanchain plan to get involved in any CBDC project?
23:00 Your thoughts on Metaverse, Play-to-Earn game
24:44 Are you planning to connect layer ones like Solna, Polkadot?
28:42 A Layer-1 that you feel holds great potential

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