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Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is the most hyped meme coin in the market, but it’s still on presale. This presale is offering early access to users who are smart enough to see the opportunity in this.

With the new meme coin purported to be the next biggest thing in the market, you could secure some profit. Big Eyes Coin(BIG) on presale is hugely underpriced, which will give investors an advantage when the token finally launches.

Presales are always a win-win situation for projects and investors. The project’s offering is lowered below market price so that even in the worst-case scenario, users can exit with little or no loss.

New On Binance

In other news, Binance’s CEO, Changpeng Zhao, who has been very outspoken over the past few days, has once again insisted that the Binance exchange is safe and secure for users.

Over the last few weeks, there have been several concerns about which exchanges are safe for use after the FTX crash. Binance’s test only came days ago when some negative sentiments were making the rounds about the exchange.

This caused high outflow for the exchange as users rushed to withdraw their money from the platform, with the withdrawals peaking at $8 billion on December 13th. Changpeng Zhao said the massive outflow was more like a stress test for the exchange and was not even top five in the platform’s history.

Changpeng Zhai suggested centralized exchanges should have stress test withdrawals frequently so users can be confident of the platforms’ position. With Binance proving strength amidst market irregularities, the platform’s trust score has increased greatly when centralized exchanges are under intense scrutiny.

Binance is the largest cryptocurrency, and its influence on the industry runs wide. The value of its other products is highly dependent on the success of Binance as a company regardless of what the other products offer. This is why most crypto enthusiasts believe that a Binance crash would be catastrophic for the landscape.

Big Eyes Coin Almost Raised $12 Million In Presa;e

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a new meme coin project launching on the Ethereum network soon and is speculated to be the next big meme coin in the market. This meme coin is predicted to be DOGE’s level of big, considering the hype and community it has been able to build from scratch.

The meme coin even sets itself up as a DOGE rival with its choice of memes. Big Eyes Coin uses cat memes as a unique approach to crypto jokes with the premise that dog memes are no longer what they used to be and are an overused joke. Big Eyes Coin hopes to inspire emerging meme coin projects to adopt cat memes and grow the culture.

Big Eyes Coin is also a DeFi meme coin and would be looking to use decentralized finance features to create wealth for the community. Other utilities across NFTs and marketing will do well in pushing community fun and other events.

Big Eyes Coin(BIG) is the only opportunity you’ll get to be early on this promising meme coin.

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