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Singapore has already become one of the recognized world crypto business centers. The jurisdiction introduces a flexible regulatory approach to the industry. The local legislative and regulatory authorities have managed to combine strict instructions to follow with the adaptability to the needs of the entrepreneurs.

If you wish to open a crypto exchange in the region, this is a wise decision. As in any crypto business case, there is a risk of being banned that is mostly related to the causes of failing to meet compulsory instructions in compliance foreseen by the local legal norms. Singapore cryptocurrency exchange license options will enable you to start a crypto exchange in the region without any burdensome steps to make and with minimized chances of being banned for non-compliance. Those businessmen who are interested in becoming license holders may need to know the following basic highlights to the point.

Major Points to Know about Launching a Crypto exchange in Singapore

Cryptos are legalized and circulate as standard currencies in Singapore. The principal regulatory strategy fixed in the Singaporean legal acts is that a license is not compulsory except for the cases when an entity deals with assets that have qualification features of securities. So, all corporate structures that function as digital money exchanges are not called to obtain any license to close commercial operations unless they operate with securities. This is a flexible and superior condition for closing crypto deals in the region that has already ensured the involvement of huge capital in the local market.

At the same time, this flexibility doesn’t release from following pretty strict compliance requirements, in particular those interrelated to combating money laundering and terrorism financing. Among the TOP compliance conditions, these demands should be highlighted: (1) identify the customers who use the services of a crypto exchange, and (2) handle circumstantial checks in the cases of potentially suspicious deals.

Even if the approach to crypto regulation is flexible, the application of a licensing regime depends on the nature of assets involved in deals. Depending on their characteristics, the requirement of getting a license may be your commercial case too. Prifinance experts are ready to assess your business profile and objectives in detail to avert any risks interrelated to non-compliance and create favorable conditions for raising big funds.

How Prifinance Lawyers Can Assist You in This Course

  • If your recent commercial objective is to open a new crypto exchange in Singapore Prifinance experts are accessible to assist you in this course by suggesting, in particular, these offers:
  • evaluating all the distinct qualities of your commercial case and developing the best registration opportunities;
  • gathering and formalizing according to the formal demands all the must-have papers and particulars;
  • registering and supporting the next operation of a legal entity that will act as your prospective crypto exchange;
  • drafting all the supporting and AML/CTF papers compulsory to run a crypto exchange in this region and worldwide;
  • opening bank accounts and ensuring proper cooperation with EMI (if needed);
  • supporting the resolution of other, all possible, issues that may appear in the course of running your anticipated crypto exchange.

Share with Prifinance specialists all the details about your conceivable plans of launching a crypto exchange in Singapore to assess 100% precise suggestions and assistance.

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