DeFi Yield Farming & NFTs on Wanchain’s Zookeeper

DeFi Yield Farming & NFTs on Wanchain's Zookeeper

ZooKeeper brings you a new and interesting DeFi farming experience, leading you to experience higher mining rewards and richer and more interesting NFT gameplay.

ZooKeeper is a brand new project built as a Wanchain Dapp. It is entirely conceived and developed by passionate members of the community with some collaboration from the Wanchain team.

ZooKeeper drastically improves the functionality of NFTs by giving them a real use cases.

0:00 Introduction to Zookeeper
1:04 DeFi and Yield Farming in Context
4:33 ZOO Farming Liquidity Pools
6:58 Expeditions and Gold Chests
8:05 Zookeeper Marketplace
8:42 My Safe for NFT Boost Cards
8:52 ZOO Token Burning


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