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The crypto market is in a frenzy as a result of the price fall of FTX (FTT), and as Bitcoin (BTC) plunges to a two-year low, altcoins are starting to follow and aren’t faring much better. The largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has been a popular investment option on the market. The coin reached an all-time high of $68k in November 2021. The market was in a good place at the moment, and blockchain and cryptocurrencies attracted a lot of interest. Most alternative currencies are known to follow Bitcoin’s price. As a result, several cryptocurrencies at the time had solid performances.


The majority of cryptocurrencies are, however, at their lowest points, and the bear market is at its height right now. Despite the market collapse, the new cryptocurrency Dogeliens (DOGET), a meme coin, is looking good.

Investors have the chance to purchase during the presale below market value, allowing them to benefit even if they sell soon after the launch. Despite the state of the market, the presale is continuing, and investors think it may be the next big thing in the industry.

Bitcoin: The First Decentralized Blockchain System In The World


The first cryptocurrency is Bitcoin (BTC). It is a PoW consensus coin and the first decentralized blockchain system in the world. Miners verify transactions for rewards. The Bitcoin system established a standard for other cryptocurrencies to follow after its 2009 introduction. Due to its location, the market may be a better place to incorporate blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Without the need to switch to PoS, Bitcoin has long been used as a PoW consensus method. It made it possible for other blockchain networks to form and enhance the services provided by the original network. Because of this, blockchains now include dApps, DEXs, smart contracts, NFTs, and many other features. With more than 12,000 validator nodes, Bitcoin is the blockchain system that is the most decentralized.

Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies have been impacted by the FTX tragedy, and things swiftly got out of hand when Binance opted against buying the cryptocurrency exchange. The token’s value has dropped significantly over the last few days, and some analysts are even predicting a drop below $13,000.

Dogeliens: A Web3 Invasion Is Happening

Users have an equal opportunity of purchasing Dogeliens (DOGET), a new cryptocurrency, at the lowest price. Because the meme currency is in presale, users have the chance to purchase it at a discount and sell it at a better price when it becomes live. Despite market anomalies, Dogeliens wants to provide people the chance to profit from their investments.

The next-generation meme coin and a dog-themed coin with DeFi solutions are called Dogeliens. Users of Dogeliens have access to an NFT environment, metaverse inventions, and more. The network aims to provide users with the most amusement, fun, and prospects for financial gain throughout their usage of the blockchain system. Additionally, Dogeliens promotes interactions in its metaverse and gives users access to a welcoming community.


Moreover, Dogeliens provides users with access to a blockchain education platform, where they can learn about current concerns and cutting-edge developments in the field. Despite the market collapse, the Dogeliens presale is proceeding well, and because it is, supporters believe the meme currency will do well when it launches. Get your DOGET token here during the presale.

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