Don’t Miss this Coinmarketcap Airdrop!! – Ally Platform

Don't Miss this Coinmarketcap Airdrop!! - Ally Platform

Ally is a real world blockchain use case that has completed over 24,000,000 last mile, mid-mile and long-mile deliveries to date! It is designed to unite merchants, delivery drivers, and customers.

Existing marketplaces charge merchants commissions as high as 35 – 42% but Ally charges ZERO commissions and ZERO hidden fees by leveraging blockchain technology.

Currently, the platform is conducting a free CoinmarketCap airdrop with over 84,000 participants to date. To find out how to claim free airdrop:
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00:00 Introduction
00:52 What is the Ally Platform and what real world blockchain use case does it provide?
00:02:38 What products have you launched and are these being used by actual users?
00:04:29 What do you think it is about Ally that attracts non-techies to a blockchain-based platform?
00:06:20 Tell us about your Direct token (DRCT) and what are the use cases?
00:08:00 Are you concerned about the high gas fees and scalability of having an ERC20 token?
00:09:07 How will Ally revolutionize the NFT market?



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