DON’T MISS!! Upcoming NEW Play To Earn Games & NFT Projects | Oct 2021

DON'T MISS!! Upcoming NEW Play To Earn Games & NFT Projects | Oct 2021

NFT and Blockchain gaming projects are on fire! These are the two hottest trends in crypto today next to defi. We look at 4 great projects which could represent the next altcoin moonshot: Space Misfits (Enjin ENJ), NFTrade (multi-chain), Bloktopia (Polygon MATIC) and Dreams Quest.

We got into ENJ when it was $0.04, MATIC, $0.03, CHZ $0.016, and many more awesome crypto gems. We have the network, the insider tips and an experienced research team. If you want early insider tips on the next 100X altcoin gem every month, then click the link below to learn more:
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This resource includes the full 50 checklist items we use for our due own diligence process for any crypto project, at any stage. You can use this to help you when you’re doing your own research.

⏱️ ⏱️ ⏱️ TIMESTAMPS ⏱️ ⏱️ ⏱️
0:00 Introduction to NFTs and Blockchain Gaming
2:03 Space Misfits (Enjin ENJ)
4:05 NFTrade (multi-chain)
6:19 Bloktopia (Polygon MATIC)
10:00 Dreams Quest

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