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Ethereum Completes Muir Glacier hard fork

With much anticipated hard fork that was forced to be done due to a mistake after the istanbul fork i.e., Muir Glacier has just undergone after three weeks of istanbul fork.

According to EIP 2384, “the average block time will start to accelerate exponentially every 100,000 blocks. Estimating the added impact from the difficulty bomb on block times shows that we will see 20s block times near the end of December 2019 and 30s+ block times starting February 2020. This will start making the chain bloated and more costly to use.”

It has been activated at block 9,200,000 with only one improvement proposal, EIP 2384 . EIP 2384 update will delay the “difficulty bomb” (also known as Ethereum’s Ice Age) for another 611 days or 4,000,000 blocks. 

According to Etherum developer James Hancock , this hard fork addresses the impending Ice Age on Ethereum Mainnet and designed to solve the problems with the ice age more permanently.

The hard fork update will be supported by leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance. Binance on December 30 cleared this in a blog post that it’d halt deposits and withdrawals prior to the Ethereum network block height of 9,200,000 selected to support the upgrade.

It has to keep in mind that this update will only be done in the Ropston Network test net at block number 7117117 beside main net while other test nets will remain unaffected .

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