HOUSTON, June 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — EZ Blockchain made its shift to an energy focus three years ago, and now demand is taking the company south to Texas.

Recruiting has already begun in the Houston area to staff the new EZ Blockchain office. The first team members will be hired to the business development, technical, human resources, project engineering, and environmental teams.

Houston is a home to hundreds of oil and gas exploration and service companies,” said Sergii Gerasymovych, CEO of EZ Blockchain. “It’s the place to be if we really want to provide a scalable solution to the energy sector.”

Immersion Cooling

A scalable solution is what EZ Blockchain has promised and delivered already to oil fields around North America. To increase its market share in Texas, EZ Blockchain invested in an extensive R&D and Engineering of liquid cooling mobile data centers at its manufacturing facilities. The new immersion cooling system offers an essential improvement for the Permian Basin market where heat, humidity, and dust run high. “Mobile immersion cooling systems are ready to roll out of our production facility,” said Vlad Rodinoff, President and Founder of EZ Blockchain, who oversees the development of new products in the company. 

The new solution also has the added benefit of noise reduction when compared with fan cooling and lowered operational cost.

The first product, SmartBox SB2500i, will have a footprint of a 20-foot container, it will be a lightweight data center capable of operating up to 400 of the newest generation cryptocurrency miners with the electrical infrastructure that gives the ability to overclock the machines.

EZ Blockchain now has a unique opportunity to capture more of the West Texas & New Mexico  market by working directly with energy producers while bringing bigger, better benefits to every partner.

Next Steps

Mass production of the new mobile data centers with immersion cooling will start in September 2021. Most of the data centers already produced by EZ Blockchain will be used for the company’s internal deployments, and only a small portion will be allocated to strategic crypto mining partners

The rollout of the new Houston office is already underway to ensure the right team is in place when the company begins installing new mobile data centers.

EZ Smartgrid

The EZ Smartgrid by EZ Blockchain is the system using a natural gas generator and mobile data center to process gas on-site into electricity that’s used for Bitcoin mining. The high energy needs of cryptocurrency mining are powered by the gas otherwise flared away by the oil producers, and the oil producer gains a new, reliable source of revenue.

Permian Basin

The Permian Basin is the largest producer of oil and gas in the U.S. Home to thousands of producers large and small, the area produced 86.4 million barrels of oil just in February 2021. Oil and gas producers have been left to flare or vent the natural gas released as a byproduct of oil drilling for years because most of the 9,000 producers don’t have access to the infrastructure to bring this gas to the market.

EZ Blockchain

The company is a full-service crypto mining facility management company that builds and operates physical infrastructures for blockchain-based mining using sustainable energy alternatives utilizing flared gas and stranded gas to power generation. Read more about EZ Blockchain at the website https://ezblockchain.net/

Sergii Gerasymovych


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