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It’s football season. The couch is filled, beer bottles are spread out on the coffee table, and people are wearing colorful jerseys with the number of their favorite player in bold. Football has long dominated the airwaves with approximately 50 million+ viewers tuning in to a game on their televisions each week. However, not everyone is simply rooting for their favorite team anymore. Nowadays, one of the key reasons why people are watching live games is because they are part of a fantasy league.

When “USA Today” became the first newspaper to publish detailed baseball stats in the early 1980s, it seemed little more than a fad with appeal to only the most geeky of readers. Yes, Fantasy Sports has been into existence since long and thanks to Satoshi Nakamoto, we are able to finally present you in 2019, the world’s first Blockchain project for approx $13 Billion Industry of Fantasy Sports.

The growth of Fantasy Sports has been beyond expectations, as three decades later, the stats-based fantasy sports industry that has subsequently evolved from this pioneering paper is now a booming, multi-multi-billion dollar business.

According to orbis research, over the next five years the Fantasy Sports market will register a 13.24% CAGR in terms of revenue, the global market size will reach US$ 33 billion by 2025, from US$ 13 billion in 2018.

Not just gaming platforms and applications, due to the fact that Billions of dollars are being exchanged among fantasy sports participants daily, has led to the rise of subsectors within the fantasy gaming industry as well.

The fantasy gaming industry has now experienced the entry of medical and insurance companies seeking to offer services that protect fantasy owners against catastrophic injuries to key pieces of their teams. Also a vault-like subsector has developed, which seeks to serve as a sort of escrow for fantasy sports participants who no longer wish to use services such as PayPal to exchange fees and leave all the money in the hands of commissioners who lack the true capacity and wherewithal to keep the money in a trust account.

Stats and experts suggest, soon Fantasy Sports viewership will overtake real sports.
According to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA), 64% of fantasy players watch more live sports because of fantasy leagues, while 61% read more about sports for that same reason.

Sports can be one of those topics that bring out the fanaticism in people. A local derby match between two neighboring teams can turn usually meek and sane people in raving, screaming fanatics, baying for blood. And it doesn’t even have to involve real teams, playing matches on actual stadiums and arenas. Thanks to massive growth in fantasy sports over the last few years.

When I started researching DFS before writing this article, their journey reminded me of early days of Jeff Bezos. If you would have read his inspiring story, you would be able to relate to this crypto project. DFS didn’t do an ICO, no money raised from anyone. Everything you see today is an outcome of sheer hardwork.

So, What is the Project all about?

Everyday when you play Fantasy Sports, you want to be the best. You want to beat the big names, you want to be on top of the leaderboard. Everyday when there is a champion in a tournament, that person believes they are the greatest in the world. Question is, how can they be the greatest in the world if they are only playing against people in the United States? Now users have that opportunity to perform on a global scale thanks to Fantasy Sports (DFS) a.k.a DFSTOKEN.

That being said, Fantasy Sports (DFS) is the first native ERC20 token of Fantasy Sports. It’s an innovative fantasy sports gaming company, coin, & platform built on blockchain technology. Fantasy Sports (DFS) is the official Cryptocurrency payment solution for the $13 Billion Fantasy Sports Industry. DFS token is used as an in game currency creating a transparent network built on smart contracts. Digital Fantasy Sports offers games in three categories – FANTASY SPORTS – CASINO – & ESPORTS. DFS is more than a 3 year old project, officially announced to crypto community mid 2017.

We always believed that innovation doesn’t happen without hard work. Producing a great product or service doesn’t happen without efforts. Real leadership happens in the trenches not on the golf course. Software doesn’t gets produced without thousands of hours of back breaking work. Of course you have to be smart, you have to have the right strategy, you have to have a great community. But tough grind is what translates vision and ideas into results.

We were always thinking ahead – always planning our next move – and we were convinced that one day we will get to the top. Our teams attitude had always been innovative and entrepreneurial. It took us lots of pain and midnight oil burning after we were actually able to create this fantastic application. :- Jeremy Munter, Co founder DFS.

Number of teams drafted during ESPN’s Fantasy Football marathon alone in 2018: Approx 2 Million

Fantasy Sports (DFS) gaming platform’s core aim is to become a global standard cryptocurrency for every kind of ESPORTS. Its native token “DFS” is to develop a digital currency that will bring value to the world of ESPORTS. The DFS token will be used for various activities on the platform; such as cryptocurrency payouts to game players, as an entry payment into tournaments, for trading other cryptocurrencies in most exchanges and most importantly, DFS token will be used for the growth and facilitation of the Digital Fantasy Sports platform. DFS has revolutionized to empower gamers through a series of eSports games, fantasy sports and lots more on the platform.

FANTASY SPORTS (DFS) is a PREMIUM BLOCKCHAIN ESPORTS ARCADE & Innovative fantasy sports gaming token based on blockchain technology.

Fantasy Sports (DFS) platform is a one-stop platform for engaged sports fans and an enormous portion of that engagement orbits around fantasy sports and eSports. From weekly NFL predictions, to playing at the poker table, to eSports video game predictions to the frenzied competition of Daily Fantasy Sports, enthusiasts of the sport globally revel in the ever-growing game of skill that fantasy sports have become. The platform has simplified the user experience to enable games entertaining for players of every caliber. It uses DFS tokens that allow users to play, win, and exchange their tokens for another cryptocurrency or fiat money.

In addition, Fantasy Sports (DFS) offers a turnkey solution for companies looking to develop new games for the $13 Billion Fantasy Sports.

However, Surprise Surprise :- There is much more to DFS then just Fantasy Sports

  1. Goat Fantasy

G.O.A.T. is a Fantasy Sports gaming platform built on top of blockchain technology, making every transaction transparent. Gamers utilize Fantasy Sports (DFS) as a method of self-assurance of how probable their sports predictions are accurate in opposition to different individuals globally. Whosoever emerges as a winner, collects their winnings – taking DFS to international Exchanges to swap for other cryptocurrencies or fiat. If the winner so desires, they could continue waging DFS on future G.O.A.T. tournaments.

G.O.A.T. is a Global playing field where users from around the world can challenge each other in multiple sports around the world using the same currency (DFS). Now a user in India, can play NBA Basketball against someone in Los Angeles.

G.O.A.T. currently offers NFL, MLB, NBA, Golf, NHL, Cricket, and Premier League Soccer – No Fantasy Sports Platform offers more Sports than G.O.A.T. Not only does G.O.A.T. offer the most Fantasy Sports, but also features unique innovative game modes! From standard Salary Cap, to Batting Order Baseball, QB Club, and IDP (NFL Defensive Players), with many more to come.

  1. Crypto ESPORTS League (CESL)

You can set up and host your own personal tournaments globally using DFS peer-to-peer (P2P) prediction platform. Every league has its own custom page that is committed to your teams and predictions. This platform feature games such as FORTNITE, MADDEN, COD, NBA2k, Rocket League, FIFA, CS-GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive), PUBG and many more. Players can use their DFS token to predict their preferred exports Leagues with multiple fantasy options. For better experiences and more leagues with new players, DFS will update the platform monthly.
You can partner with the CESL and DFS via the diverse programs with DFS streamers, influencers and various players in the esports industry. You can play any game in this platform using the same login details used in DFS Arcade

  1. Cryptocurrency Exchange

Wolf Exchange

You know what crypto currency exchange is. However, here is a difference, wolfex will prefer listing gaming related projects.

  1. DFS Gem City

GemCity (licensed) is an online gambling ecosystem where users can use DFS to directly play online casino games through blockchain technology that is power-driven by Ethereum Smart contract which increases the platform’s trust, security and transparency. DFSGemCity is an eSports, casino and fantasy sports platform developed on the Ethereum blockchain, aim to decentralize tournament structure and winnings allocation. The platform facilitates players in using their skills to play games, predict/bet on games using their choice of currencies, without the issues of intermediaries and regional restrictions. DFSGemCity is a blockchain revolution in the fantasy sports and casino.

  1. Digital Fantasy Sports Crypto Gaming Community Alliance (DFSCGA)

DFSCGA’s mission is to bring fantasy sports, crypto gaming, and new forms of fan engagement together as one – Empowering a community of forward thinking gaming currencies based on blockchain.

The DFSCGA is turning the multi billion Fantasy Sports and Gaming community from fiat to Crypto. Our goal is to partner with the best gaming currencies out there through webinars & community events to build the ultimate networking opportunity & partnership.

Some of our membership benefits will include:

  • Networking
  • Business Advocacy
  • Media Solutions
  • Sponsorships
  • Awards
  • Industry Education
  • Community Awareness
  • Market Placement
“I have played on FanDuel and DraftKings since both of these sites started. I have seen the road they selected to get to the top, and I know what has worked for them. G.O.A.T. is on the accelerated path to not only being one of the most popular platforms in the USA, but G.O.A.T. is on a path with no competition to being the Global Leader in Fantasy Sports.” :- Jeremy

Media Coverage / Awards


Digital Fantasy Sport’s Co-Founder was featured in the New Yorker in 2015. The article featured a spotlight on the then pre-released Batting Order Baseball. Author Ben McGrath interviews Jeremy Munter on his vision of the game, the current industry, and future of fantasy sports. –

1stPlace NBC: THE CHOICE. Jeremy won NBC Choice award, after 4 months of stiff competition , beating 1000s. He now brings his DFS knowledge to the table as a panelist on the national televised NBA show Going Roggin and is a sports news broadcaster on the weekly segment. –

$DFS – Challenging traditional #FantasySports and gaming through #blockchain innovation 🏆🥇

Competitor Analysis

Some people confuse this project with NLC2 and other sports projects, even though they all are gaming related projects, there are a handful of differences:

NLC2 along with some other ‘fantasy/esports coins’ are built on their own blockchain , which adds extra burden to the team. Instead of working on adoption, team is busy solving nodes, wallets and blockchain issues. DFS on the other hand uses Ethereum as it’s backbone, which helps it to focus more on business side of things.

If you take a look at the competition’s twitter. You’ll see that many of them have shifted focus from daily fantasy sports. For example: NLC2 can now be used to purchase physical items online. Don’t get me wrong- that’s great but if I were an investor, I would worry about their purpose and long term goals within the fantasy sports industry. For DFS, they want you to take your winnings and invest in other ETH tokens, this encourages both token circulation and helps stimulate the ETH ecosystem.

In addition DFS offers different games than others. Their goal is to feature the following: MLB, NBA, MLS, FIFA, NHL, PGA, UFC/Boxing, Tennis, & NASCAR.

Unlike NLC2, DFS feature ONE website as their home platform, that hosts all of their DFS games. If you were to visit any of the competitors sites and view their white papers, you’ll see they pinpoint you in all different directions. Why is that necessary? It’s not. It should be as simple as logging on to your DFS site and playing the games you want to play.

One more thing we have noticed that DFS’s UI & design is cleaner as they’re striving to create a premium network for DFS users. Their vision and gameplay is also unique as they aren’t copying the traditional salary cap format and want to offer innovative ways to play that captivate all audiences. Crypto heads may not be fantasy sports players but their system will let them explore the field.

We want to create a fun competitive arcade style environment that helps support the crypto industry.

When asked about comparison with FanDuel or DraftKings, Jeremy responded:-

Eventually we’ll be able to offer a prize pool of that size. Everyone you mentioned deals with FIAT and not crypto. What makes us different: the types of games we offer and the fact we are apart of the crypto universe. All of the platforms you mentioned are cookie cutter versions of each other with their salary cap gameplay.

Many users either go with the big names or the UI their accustomed too. We plan to shake things up and offer new ways to play the games you love. A majority of those players aren’t even aware of the crypto industry. We are catering to a new breed of individuals. We don’t plan on offering the same gameplay as FanDuel, DraftKings, Yahoo or the others- but a gameplay style thats enjoyable and challenging at the same time. Check out our vision on MLB. You play as a GM, and your fantasy score is based on your batting order. I’m not calling it complex, but it fits perfectly within the crypto industry.

Check out this recent video by “The Crypto Analyst” , nicely explained!

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