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With Cryptocurrencies becoming a big thing in the financial world and more coming up daily, Crypto Exchange has proved to be very useful to many traders.

The Crypto Exchange platform aids cryptocurrency investors to trade the different cryptocurrencies at the available rates.

With the increase in cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency investors have found it difficult to know what is worth investing in. And that is exactly what the exchange platform addresses to make it easy to trade and invest in the different cryptocurrencies.

What Does This Review Entail

From this gate io review, you will get to know that does not only provide a platform to trade in digital currencies but also provide useful information to traders. Some of the other information or functions a crypto investor can get or use on gate io include:

  • Get specific and very important information about the different cryptocurrencies and the markets available.
  • One can view the prices and the price changes that take place on several altcoins paired with the main cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and QTUM.

What is and What Is It All About? is one of the oldest digital currency exchange platforms that supports or enables crypto to crypto trading of a large number of different digital coins. This platform was founded in 2013 when digital currencies started to get global popularity.

At first, it was referred to as, but in 2017, it changed to after the Chinese government banned Fiat to crypto trading.

With that ban, re-established itself to focus only on crypto to crypto trading and dropped the fiat completely to crypto pairing. Even though the platform remains to be an unregulated crypto exchange platform, it has managed to attract very many crypto traders and remains to be a trusted option by many experienced ones.

Where Does Rank among Other Crypto Exchange Platforms?

With numerous cryptocurrencies exchange platforms available with different features and advantages, many traders find it challenging to choose which will work best.

This has made it necessary for the platforms to be ranked to help users know which one is best. With this information, one can easily make a choice.

When it comes to gate io exchange ranking, it ranks very well against other well-established trading platforms. According to data from coingecko, is among the top ten crypto exchange platforms in the world as it is ranked number 7 in the list.

This coin exchange platform had a trust score of 10, making it one of many crypto investors’ most reliable and preferred platforms.

Also, according to Forbes advisers, ranks 9th among the best crypto exchange platforms, scoring a total of 4.5 points out of 5.

When compared to other crypto exchange platforms, is the only platform that offers more than 650 different cryptocurrencies to trade-in. CoinMarketCap states that with this access to more than 650 different coins, is the best choice for advanced traders who want to trade on unique coins.

How Forbes Advisers Do the Ranking

Forbes came up with the ranking of the crypto exchange platforms by assessing’s top cryptocurrency exchanges. Some of the factors that they considered include;

  • The volume traded by each crypto exchange
  • The web traffic on each platform
  • Liquidity
  • The availability of crypto trading platforms for US customers
  • Reviews left behind by the users of various trading platforms

Is Gate Io Legit

Yes, the crypto exchange platform is genuine, and it boasts a huge number of customers who trust and trade on the platform. is one of the earliest and largest crypto exchange platforms to be developed.

This platform strictly observes the financial regulations and has never been accused of market manipulation in all its existence, making it one of the most trusted crypto exchange platforms.

Gate .io ensures the customers’ accounts are secure with top-notch security like two-factor verification to reduce the chances of accounts theft or access by third parties.

Also, the customers’ transactions on the platform are encrypted to eliminate the possibility of data leaks.

Where Is Gate Io Located in the World?

The headquarters of is located in North America, specifically in the Cayman Islands. It also has a registered address in Virginia, USA. Initially, it was thought to be located in China, but that is not the case.

Which Countries Support Gate.Io?

When it comes to gate io supported countries, one can easily know that it operates worldwide and is acceptable in most countries except for a few.

Some of the exceptions include the New York state and Washington state in the USA, Sudan, Pakistan, Syria, North Korea, Cuba, Uganda, The Crimean region, Ethiopia, Iraq, Yemen, Iran and Venezuela, among many other states that don’t accept crypto exchange.

In some regions of the world, you may have access to the platform, but some features such as margin trading, lending, perpetual contract trading and exchange of some coins are restricted. This may make the exchange platforms less helpful to cryptocurrency traders.

Are There Gate Io US Customers

Yes. In fact, in most states, the customers are supported on the platform except for some areas where the services are restricted or limited.

In the New York and Washington states, one may need to find alternative crypto exchange platforms because of restrictions on using

Cryptocurrency trade is blowing up right now, and it has been around for some years. With more people getting into it, they need a crypto exchange platform that is easy to use.

The best crypto exchange platform should always be up to date with the current prices and offers a wide variety of digital coins to trade-in. Since meets all these requirements, one can comfortably trade on the platform.

Whether experienced or not, you will get the hang of it and trade at the best and most up to date prices. With faster depositing and withdrawal methods at lower charges, is the way to go when trading cryptocurrency.

Gate Io Wiki

  • Address. Comprised of a series of letters and numbers, it is similar to a bank account used to transfer and receive cryptocurrencies. It is derived from the public key through a series of encryption algorithms, with the feature of anonymity.
  • Altcoin. It refers to alternative cryptocurrencies launched after bitcoin. Some of the altcoins perform well on the market and, at times, appear to be quite competitive when compared to Bitcoin.
  • Anonymity. One of the key features of blockchain. It enables a higher level of transaction privacy without revealing information about the trading parties.
  • Block. Refers to a computer file that records transaction information. A blockchain is created when blocks are connected as a continuous chain.
  • Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a decentralised cryptocurrency based on cryptography and blockchain technology.
  • Blockchain Wallets. A blockchain wallet is a digital wallet that allows users to store and trade their digital currencies.
  • Cold Wallets. Cold wallets are offline wallets stored on a platform that is not connected to the internet. When using these wallets, users must have sign-in credentials to access them.

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