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HackenAI Full AMA Transcript

AMA (Ask Me Anything ) was conducted with HackenAI on 8 April 2020 at 3:00 PM UTC live on our telegram group .

We were joined with Dyma Budorin ,CEO of HackenAI .

About HackenAI and why it is unique :

It is individual cybersecurity application that is focused on providing 360 degrees protection to end user

We have released the beta app few days ago. And already now we had more than 3k unique registrations and more than 6k downloads

Thank you for your attention. And I hope to recieve question in respect why we think this app will have 1mln users in 2021 and how that is going to affect HaI

Hacken Group consist of several cybersecurity projects:

  • Hacken. io – B2B cybersecurity consulting company with essential focus on blockchain and cryptoexchanges security .
  • Hackenproof. Com – crowdsource security SaaS platform for enterprises with 3,000 white hat hackers working on it.
  • first cryptoexchanges ranking and analytical service. Main task is to reveal fraudulent and scam exchanges .
  • And of course our main product – HackenAI .

Individual cybersecurity app that educates and provide all essential tools to be safe in the internet .

We are not another blockchain protocol with million transaction per second that is going to change the world .

We are boring security auditors who have some hacking skills .

Community Questions :

Q. What is role of HackenAi token to learn cybersecurity?

What is the need to involving into blockchains ,

while other prominent cyber security company runs on non-blockchain path !

What is the benefit of blockchain in cyber security?

Blockchain security market is very very small for big cybersecurity firms. There were attempts from Kaspersky and IBM to work at this market but from what I know they already have closed those busines unites .

there were different security firms wiring in our market since 2017. 50% are closed already. 10-20% were bought or merged (our friends from ChainSecuroty became PWC Swiss) and only few left in the market. We are one of those. And we actually like it:)

Q. Why does HACKENAI needs HAI? What the importance of this to each other?

It is very important to know what cofounders of the project think about their token. Do they think about it as a fundraising instrument? Is it speculative asset? Is it really needed in business model?
For us HAI is key marketing instrument for HackenAI at the first place. We want our initial early adopters community to benefit from HackenAI success and help us to promote the applications to wide scale of users. The second important function of HAI is transfer of value from the equity shareholders to active community members

We are working hard in irder to build a company were main beneficiaries of product success are its customers and not equity shareholders .

Q. Your HACKENAI is the Embodiment of the REAL BLOCKCHAIN USECASE.
Is there any AREA in the Blockchain that You want to IMPROVE aside from CYBER SECURITY?

Marketing. I am doing a very deep dive into marketing now. Tomorrow or maybe even today we will announce very aggressive growth marketing campaign and I am very interested about it results. Building a Referral marketing campaign is something that inspires me .

Q. Hacken has had several AMAs this week. As a feedback, how has that influenced your community? What has been the best and the worst from this experience @Budorin since you habe bren at the head of this?

What other marketing strategies are on the table for Hacken right now, days before your IEO?

It is true, I am in the AMA roadshow now. I really enjoy this and I think that it is very important for community building. Sharing your ideas is very valuable and I thank everyone who follows us this days. I definitely plan to make regular AMA session. This is great

We have learned so many things from you and we are already implementing our conclusions in the product .

Q. What is the main mission of HACKEN AI and what are the development plans of HAI token ?

Protect as many user as possible. Prevent hackers attacks and make j turner safer. HAI main challenge is to prove that it is possible to link userbase and token price .

Q. I am confused why you are doing ieo in bear market also do you think covid-19 pandemic can affect token sale?

This is the best time ever. Today’s investors are investing for longterm. All flippers are to scared to invest. The market is turning back on – we are going to grow with it as well. Simply the best time .

Q. do you know the CYPHERPUNK movement? Do you feel part of it, or do you apply the philosophy of movement in Hacken.AI?

If we reach a hard cap 400k usd I am going to pair some hair in order to look like cyberpunk (please don’t tell my wife) .

Q. Why did hackenai chooses oceanex ?

What benefits does it provides to your communities and users??

If you want your token to pump and dump then you go and do it at least xchanges that have million I EOS every months. If you want to make a proper start with understandable price protection measures and the community that knows you and trust you – then you go and execute .

For us OceanEx is obvious choice for transparency and reliability .

Believe me, this two things are very important that when working with exchange I order to have perfect start of token life .

Q. What blockchain Protocol have you worked with and what services did you provide for them?

Do HackenAi have any personal Information of their clients?, Why HackenAi is trustable?

We worked with almost major ones. Tron, eos, nem, neo, Vechain, ether of course .

No, we don’t keep ang user data on our end. This is critically important. HackenAI in terms of architecture is very similar to a crypto wallet. Just like a crypto wallet holds you private keys and they don’t leave the app, the same is with user data in HackenAI .

Q. Do you find the roads covered so far and the present successful? What did you do right and wrong? Does the HackenAI project look to 2020 with hope?

We had great and sad times with HKN token. We had great growth with 8 multiple to our investors, but we were not able to sustained it due to different factors. lessons learned and experienced gained are confidently implemented in HAI .

Q. As in different communities we saw that You have organized AMA sessions very rewarding and received a lot of questions related to utilities and technology, future vision,So now here I want to ask what do you want to receive from the community?

It is not what I want to receive from community. It is what I can give to a community. This is the question I what to answer:

  • free cybersecurity education
  • individual security tools
  • opportunity for private business

Q. What is the function of the Hai in the HackenAi ecosystem? What are the things that we can expect from HackenAi in 2020?

Product development, growth marketing competitions and listings and major exchanges .

Q. A few days ago Zilliqa announced than they gonna do a security upgrade, and they create a bounty program to incentivatize experts to find vulnerabilities and weakness in term of hacks, This can be a good Opportunity to Hacken to show your capacy with a veteran of blockchains industry?

The key of Hacken is have an impact in the crypto space , why do you think than the $HAI can rise againts all problems for being a new Cryptocurrency?

Thanks! I will adress this to our business development team

Q. The Hackenai app aims to educate users while protecting them. Do you consider that the quality of the protection service is 50% responsibility of the app and 50% responsibility of the user? Or do you think the app can be just as effective for those users who tend to be more reluctant to learn?

The HackenAI wallet provides the opportunity to store BTC, ETH, VET and others … What other cryptocurrencies can be stored? Which would you like to include in the future?

Is it necessary to use VPN / VPS or Tor to have better security? Do you think there are other functions?

It is 99% user responsibility. It is user who has to make a research how to protect his digital assets and digital identity. All tools are available and there is a wide choice. Our approach is tat make your life easier and provide you a convenient solution of best package of tools that will give you maximum security .

Please do not consider us as a crypto wallet. It think at mvp there is going to be only VET wallet

Q. What are your plans after IEO? What will be the focus of your team be after the sale is successfully finished? You clearly have a focus on adoption; will you look to conduct more marketing, more business development?

We will not be able to buy lambos with that hard cap:) it is just a milestone in our development plan. Next milestones are all related with listings, community and userbase grow and of course product development

Q. Token initial price is 0,01 USD, what are the steps to HKN holders to swap to HAI?What will be the initial pairs? what are the strategies to prevent it from getting lower after the exchange starts?

Why did you decide partnering with OceanEx for the IEO? What security advantages present that exchange in comparison with others? What meaning has for this point that both of you are part or the CoinMarketCap alliance?

0.01 cents we consider as very low price start. And that is one of the price protection measures that we hav implemented. please make you research of similar scale project and their marketcaps.
Initial pair will be HAI/BTC .

Q. Hacken.AI plans in the future to offer specialized services in the education and support services part?

Yes, we plan to have paid white hat hacker course in cyberbootcamp .

Q. How You try to figure out about How well protected are the Exchanges against hacking & phishing attempts?

Please check cer.live we are constantly making researches on all exchanges wxiroty Security .

Q. EXIT SCAM ICO PROJECTS of 2018 sucked up all INVESTORS money leaving only small portions to LEGIT PROJECTS as we know it.


Is this TRUE with HACKENAI?
Do you find a DECREASE in INVESTORS now?

It is true that industry has shrieked a lot. But I see only opportunity here. Being a legit project opens lots of dors such as listings at top exchanges. If you have a good product then there is nothing to worry .

Q. I care about incentivization, what incentives are available for me in the hacken ecosystem. Why should I invest and hold HAI token longterm

All major incomes in HackenAI project will be tightly connected with your active participation in HackenAI business development .

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