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The crypto market may not be in the most exciting state right now, with the crypto winter set to last for at least a few more months. It may end sooner, as the asset class is prone to make a sudden change in direction, but investors nevertheless have to hang tight.

Despite the bear market, some tokens have performed excellently in their presales, proving that good tokens with solid use cases will always do well. As such, these tokens are very likely to see listings on major centralized exchanges, including Binance. There is a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy going on here – good tokens get listed on Binance and the Binance listing makes the project even better.

Here, we list 4 upcoming Binance listings to buy in 2023. Many of these projects have applied for a Binance listing and others are in the middle of successful presales that is likely to end in a Binance listing application. They’re all worth looking at, so keep a close eye on them and see how they progress.

4 Upcoming Binance Listings to Buy in 2023

1. DeFi Coin – A Coin that Provides Severa DeFi Ecosystem Benefits

2. RobotEra – A highly social metaverse where players are robots

3. IMPT – A eco-conscious platform that offers a carbon credits marketplace

4. Tamadoge – A P2E and metaverse meme coin with plenty of fun features

What Kind of Tokens Will See Exchange Listings in 2023?

There’s one major takeaway when you look at the kinds of tokens that will be listed on exchanges like Binance. Namely, these are tokens that have innovative or highly specific use cases. Binance makes sure that the assets available on its platform have a certain reputation and these tokens are already showcasing themselves to be good choices in that regard.

2023 will be a year where the focus of projects turns to more altruistic or community-focused use cases. The explosion of the metaverse this year is proof of that, as is the growth in the number of projects that are working on charitable causes.

These are the kinds of tokens you should expect to see more of in 2023. They are setting a new trend in the crypto market, proving that the technology can be used for good in a wide variety of ways.

What’s So Exciting About These Coins?

The 5 upcoming Binance listings to buy in 2023 we have listed here are the perfect examples of the kinds of projects you should expect to see in 2023. They have that unique combination of being fun, having value, and doing good for society.

These projects are shaping up to be pioneers in the market. They also have the ability to establish lost trust in the crypto market, which sadly occurred after the collapse of FTX and the crash of Terra. With the shift towards altruistic use cases, the crypto market can showcase its ability to bring good into the world effectively.

You’ll understand when you look at the detailed descriptions of the projects below. Some of these projects have successfully completed their presales, while others are in the midst of theirs. In any case, they are all something smart investors should monitor as the months go by.

A Closer Look at 4 Upcoming Binance Listings to Buy in 2023

The following 5 upcoming Binance listings to buy in 2023 are something everyone should consider. The tokens are quite varied, so take your pick.

1. DeFi Coin – A Coin that Provides Severa DeFi Ecosystem Benefits


  • A token focused on providing holders DeFi ecosystem benefits
  • Offers passive income through static rewards
  • Automatic Liquidity Pools also provide interest on tokens

We start off this by talking about DeFi Coin, which focuses on a use case that is pretty self-explanatory. It is a token heavily focused on the DeFi ecosystem, with benefits relating to the DeFi Swap exchange. The design is such that users are incentivized to hold the token on a long-term basis, as transactions are taxed at 10%. This prevents volatility.

The project has three particular features worth noting: static rewards, Automatic Liquidity Pools, and a manual burning strategy. These combined offer a wide range of benefits and a steady stream of revenue for users. The DEFC token is at the heart of this and it is based on the BNB Chain.

The static rewards allow users to earn dividends for holding the DEFC token. This relates to the aforementioned 10% tax on transactions. 50% of the tax amount is distributed to all DEFC holders proportional to how many tokens they hold.

Then there are the Automatic Liquidity Pools, which allow users to earn interest on the tokens that they allocated towards liquidity pools. The aforementioned 10% tax will also be added to the liquidity pool, which mitigates downward pressure on pricing when whales make large transactions.

DeFi Coin will also implement a manual burning strategy instead of an automatic burning strategy. The burns will take place “when the conditions are favorable for the DeFi Coin community.”

2. RobotEra – A highly social metaverse where players are robots


  • A highly social metaverse themed on robots
  • Players can create robot companions, buildings, and social experiences with no coding knowledge
  • Players can host events and sell tickets for them
  • The TARO presale is currently taking place

Metaverse projects are taking over the world, powering through the crypto winter and continuing to attract the attention of the wider world. RobotEra has been one such project, roping investors into its presale with its exciting ideas. The metaverse has a sci-fi setting and is based on the theme of futuristic robots.

The project is a highly social experience and it has built a strong foundation for these social interactions. This high degree of interactivity is something that is lacking in many metaverses, but RobotEra is showing how it’s done.

To that end, players will be able to create their own social experiences, buildings, and robot companions in the metaverse through the RobotEra editor. The best part of this is that they will not need any programming knowledge to do this, which opens up the feature to everybody.

Players themselves will see themselves represented as robots in the metaverse. These avatars will be in the form of NFTs. Their robot avatars will take part in the social experiences on offer, which include attending music concerts, nightclubs, salons, and museums.

What’s more, players will be able to host their own events, for which they can charge via tickets. These tickets are priced in TARO, the platforms’ native token. This gives them the incentive to create good social experiences so they can earn well from it. Players can also earn by selling robot companions and buildings on the marketplace, and charging land management fees.

The whole goal of RobotEra, according to the team, is to “provide players with a powerful multi-dimensional metaverse platform that integrates entertainment, creation, management, exploration, and interaction.” Other gameplay mechanics also illustrate this – there is exploration and battling, cultivating sacred trees, and advertising.

The TARO token is currently holding its presale, which is in the first stage. The token is priced at $0.020, with future stages seeing the token price rise. This makes it a good time for potential investors to get in, as the token is available at the cheapest price possible. TARO can be bought with either USDT or ETH, and the minimum investment is $20 or 1,000 TARO.

The TARO token can be staked for an attractive APY. RobotEra is a decentralized platform, so it will have a DAO where users can vote with their TARO.

The alpha version of the RobotEra metaverse will launch in Q1 or Q2 2023, accompanied by more gameplay mechanics. The team also plans to introduce VR and AR features to further enhance the experience.

Given the robust social design in the RobotEra metaverse, it stands as a perfect addition to Binance. The exchange could help bring in a lot of users to RobotEra and a social metaverse like it would see an explosion in value because users are what drive a social experience.

Check Out the RobotEra Presale

3. IMPT – A eco-conscious platform that offers a carbon credits marketplace

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Visit IMPT Today


  • A decentralized carbon credits platform
  • Has a shopping platform, social platform and a green NFT marketplace
  • The team has already brought on brands like Amazon, Nike, Netflix, Samsung, and Microsoft
  • Stakeholders can buy carbon credits with the IMPT token, and burn the carbon credits to receive an NFT

It’s clear that the world is in a bit of a dire state as far as its climate is concerned. The fight against climate change has been talked about a great deal in the past two decades, but it is only in the past few years that the world has been taking actionable steps toward the goal of keeping the world’s climate down.

Technology has a big role to play in this fight and we will have to leverage all types of systems to do our best. Decentralized technology also has a role to play and the IMPT project is doing its bit to help reduce the impact of carbon emissions.

IMPT is a decentralized carbon credits platform that allows individuals, brands, and businesses to reduce their carbon footprint by engaging in a carbon credits market. The project recently concluded a highly successful presale, raising $20.5 million during the crypto winter.

This is a highly social project with an altruistic purpose and its design makes it one that should definitely be on Binance. The team hasn’t yet announced an application to get listed on Binance. However, CEO Denis Creighton has said that the project plans to get listed on one centralized exchange per month.

IMPT has already been listed on LBank, and Changelly Pro has also been confirmed. Binance is an obvious target for listing, as it is one of the world’s most popular exchanges. In addition to Binance would bring a large swathe of investors onto a project with a noble purpose, which would do good for the world.

The IMPT token plays a critical role in ensuring that stakeholders reduce their carbon footprint. The token can be exchanged for carbon credits, with 1 carbon credit equal to 1 ton of carbon output. When carbon credits are burnt, the stakeholder will receive NFTs that celebrate the reduction of their carbon footprint. The NFTs can also be sold on marketplaces. In fact, one of IMPT’s features will be a green NFT marketplace, where people can sell list their carbon credits.

IMPT has three main features: the shopping platform, the social platform, and the aforementioned NFT marketplace. The shopping platform lets brands sell their products and services to users. When users make purchases, they earn IMPT tokens, which can then be used to purchase carbon credits. Businesses will be able to dedicate a portion of the sales margin towards offsetting carbon footprints, which lets them contribute as well.

Of course, such a platform will need a strong collection of brands. IMPT has already managed to bring many major ones on board. These include Amazon, Nike, Netflix, Samsung, Microsoft, River Island, Tripadvisor, Dyson, Macy’s, Dominos, and Lego, among many others. The team plans to have 10,000 brands by launch time.

The social platform is a place where users can compete with family and friends. They can accumulate a score based on activities in the ecosystem, earning points for their contribution to the fight against climate change. Business owners can earn points by integrating their stores onto the platform.

Lastly, stakeholders will be able to choose from hundreds of environmental projects to support. These projects will be vetted and follow Global Certification Protocols.

The IMPT project will launch in early 2023. IMPT CEO Denis Creighton recently said in a recent AMA that the IMPT carbon marketplace will be live on February 15, 2023. The shopping platform is expected to go live on April 2, 2023.

IMPT stands as an excellent addition to Binance because of the charitable use case that it focuses on. This is both beneficial because it does some good for the world but also shows the public that crypto can be a force for good, something that the public is skeptical of following the collapse of FTX.

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4. Tamadoge – A P2E and metaverse meme coin with plenty of fun features

Tamadoge has NFT collections split into ultra-rare, rare, and common varieties

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Tamadoge has NFT collections split into ultra-rare, rare, and common varieties


  • Tamadoge is a meme coin, metaverse, and P2E experience
  • Players can battle their Tamadoges with others and earn TAMA
  • Tamadoge has NFT collections split into ultra-rare, rare, and common varieties
  • Other features include the retro experience-filled Tamadoge Arcade

Metaverses are big enough that we feel obliged to include a second one on this list. The niche is far from being fully mature. 2022 was the year where it came to the forefront, but 2023 will be the year where it is refined and perfected. Alongside the metaverse, the P2E model also shot up in popularity, and both are closely related.

Together, these ideas have created an atmosphere that has very successfully been able to engage audiences. Brands, for example, can very easily engage with their fans and users, while startups can create interesting ways with which they can establish new user bases.

Tamadoge is a project that brings both of those ideas together, but in addition, is also a meme coin. Unlike other meme coins, however, Tamadoge wants to offer utility. It does not just want to be a joke coin to the community – it wants them to earn in several ways while also being a part of the hype train.

Tamadoge’s design seems to have worked so far because it has managed to raise $19 million in its presale. The crypto community seems to believe that it is the next generation of meme coins, with its multi-faceted approach to creating an engaging ecosystem.

The central aspect of Tamadoge is its P2E nature. There are several features that let players earn money for participating in activities. The metaverse of Tamadoge is called the Tamaverse and this is very exciting on its own.

The TAMA token is what is used to pay for purchases and reward players. The TAMA token can be earned in ways that include playing games and through battles with other players. When earned, the token can be spent in the Tamadoge pet store, where it can be used to buy items like toys and food for their pet Tamadoges.

To keep such an ecosystem running, Tamadoge will need a good community. It has already established this to some degree, with its varied ecosystem. Metaverses are social experiences, so it needs to have this quality. One of the features that speak to this is a leaderboard system, where players can compete with each other and earn TAMA as a reward.

NFTs also play a role in the Tamaverse. Every player’s Tamadoge is represented through NFTs. There are several such NFTs, and the project most recently released a 20,000-strong set of common Tamadoge NFTs. The other rarities include ultra-rare and rare. The rarities determine the traits of the Tamadoges, such as speed, awareness, and agility.

A non-competitive way that players can TAMA is the Tamadoge Arcade, which is a set of retro gaming experiences.

The project has applied for a listing on Binance, which would do a lot to bring users into its ecosystem. It is a meme coin, so once more users get on board, there could be a very good chance that the hype train takes off as this flood of users join after a listing on Binance.

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These Upcoming Binance Listings Could Be the Major Gainers of 2023

There’s certainly a lot to look forward to in terms of exchange listings in 2023. The latter half of 2022 has brought multiple exciting projects to the market, and these will shape the trends of the market over the next year. The crypto market is soon about to regain its standing in the wider world, thanks to these innovative blockchain networks.

The 4 upcoming Binance listings we listed above will be among the most discussed projects in 2023. For those who are interested in projects working on new ideas or perfecting existing ones, the list above should prove to be an excellent way to begin 2023’s investment plans. Some of these projects are even carrying out their presales at the moment, so they should prove to be very lucrative opportunities for those looking for hidden gems in the crypto market.

Check Out the RobotEra Presale

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