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The idea of building a cryptocurrency exchange came almost accidentally to Shivam Thakral, who was an engineering student and was freelancing as a website developer. He heard about Bitcoin when a client asked if they could make the payment in cryptocurrency. 

He was intrigued by the concept and the faster time it took to receive overseas payment transactions than fiat currency. Looking at the dearth of Indian companies operating in the crypto space five years back, he decided to build a “basic website” where users could buy and sell Bitcoin. 

So, Shivam teamed up with engineering batchmates Devesh Aggrawal and Atulya B, and they co-founded BuyUCoin in 2016

Today, BuyUCoin is among the leading Indian crypto exchanges with over one million traders and holders investing in over 130 cryptocurrency pairs such as BTC-INR, ETH-INR, and DOGE-INR, among others.

Now, cryptocurrencies have come a long way, with Bitcoin even becoming legal tender in the Central American nation of El Salvador.

In India, — an industry body that represents consumer internet startups, unicorns, and investors — has proposed a five-point policy framework to regulate the cryptocurrency industry. 

“We shouldn’t miss the bus with crypto and blockchain. The industry is fast-growing and it should be embraced with checks and balances in place,” says Rameesh Kailasam, CEO of

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The Interview

The pandemic has been a busy time for ecommerce organisations as more and more people moved to shop online. They have had to take utmost care of not just their employees but also their partners and sellers to ensure that deliveries are uninterrupted and safe for customers.

In this episode of YourStory’s Human Beyond Resources series, Deepti Varma, HR Director Corp – APAC & MENA, Amazon India, talks about the ecommerce giant’s famous ‘Day 1’ hustle culture, balancing growth and employee well-being, and ensuring safe deliveries, among several other things.

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Startup Spotlight

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“This industry [cryptocurrency] is here to survive, will continuously evolve, and become the next name in the financial industry.”

Shivam Thakral, CEO and Co-founder, BuyUcoin

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