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Discussing what makes bitcoin different from other cryptocurrencies.

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In this episode of “The Center Cannot Hold,” host Alex McShane was joined by Pete Rizzo to discuss his latest article in Forbes, “Against Cryptocurrency: The Ethical Argument For Bitcoin Maximalism.” 

They explored how bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency that truly protects users’ rights, the various disagreements between crypto agnostics and Bitcoin maximalists, why it’s important to distinguish bitcoin from crypto for new people coming into the space, and much more. 

“Do you have the right to your money absolutely, in any case where you would disagree with anyone?” Rizzo asked. “In Bitcoin, I think we have the highest degree of assurances that it is providing that.”

The pair also discussed how Bitcoin is the only system of money that protects minority users’ rights, Bitcoin’s immaculate conception and why this makes Bitcoin different and why Bitcoin isn’t “old technology” and can’t just be replaced by some new system.

“In Bitcoin, you had a period where bitcoin was worth nothing,” Rizzo said. “And then Bitcoin monetized. It was almost like the spontaneous creation of life. You have data that was valueless, and then Bitcoin crossed that chasm. It became life, it became value.”

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