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BNB, the native cryptocurrency of Binance’s ecosystem, has become a behemoth in just a span of a few years, gaining a market capitalization of $42 billion and a daily trading volume of $8 million.

Starting from a price of $0.1 in 2017, BNB recorded an all-time high of $690 last year (in May 2021). Since its inception, it has given a ROI of a whopping 230,184.69% (the estimated return on investment if bought at the time of launch or at the earliest known price).

BNB is currently trading at $264.82, which is 61.60% down from its all-time high. BNB has seen a 7.19% price decline in the last week and a 4.24% decline in the last month. Its value has slumped by 3.70% in the last 3 months and by 49.78% in the last year.

However, according to, BNB will cross the $500 mark by 2026. Given BNB’s all-time high and its market capitalization, it is very likely that BNB will breach the $500 barrier in the next bull run (or in the coming years).

BNB Price prediction

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Here’s How Much Your $100 Investment in Binance Coin Will Be Worth If BNB Reaches $500

Let’s assume that you decide to invest $100 in Binance coins. At the current price of $264.82, you would get approximately 0.377 BNB coins. If BNB reaches $500, you will make approximately $188.80, which is a 1.8x (or 180%) return on investment.

Similarly, if you buy $1000 worth of BNB today at the current price, you will get 3.77 BNB coins. When BNB reaches $1, you will make approximately $1888 on your investment.

Disclaimer: This is not investment advice. Please do your due diligence before investing in any asset.

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