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How to deposit Money in Binance India is a popular question asked by the gamers recently. So we have listed all the information to answer their questions. Read

how to deposit money in binance India


Cryptocurrency exchange has been on a constant rise and a number of different platforms have been developed to make those exchanges. Binance is one of those popular and most used cryptocurrency exchange platforms out there. But some of the users are curious to know more about the Binance minimum deposit amount and are asking specific questions related to it. So here is some information that can help answer their questions about Binaince. 

How to deposit Money in Binance India?

The users have currently been asking questions like how to deposit money in Binance India and how long it takes to deposit in Binance. A number of fans have also been talking about the same on Reddit. One of the users has written that a BTC transfer might take about 30 minutes to show up in your deposits, and can take more than 6 hours for the amount to be available.Apart from this, the users also want to know the answer to the question of how to deposit money in Binance India. So here are some steps that can help you deposit into your account that have been taken from Binance’s official website. Binance minimum deposit amounts have been at $50 and the users need to add at least this much amount at once. 

  • Open the Binance platform on your device and log into your account
  • Then open your Wallet 
  • Try to spot “Fiat and Spot” and click it
  • Then you will see a “Deposit” option there
  • Click it and then choose the Crypto tab
  • Select the type of cryptocurrency that you need to deposit
  • Then you will need to select amongst the multiple types of cryptocurrency available because they have been issued on multiple networks
  • Have a look at these networks and choose one amongst them 
  • As BNB transfer requires a deposit address and a MEMO, copy them 
  • To use them, click on the”BNB” option in your Trust Wallet.
  • Click  “Send”
  • Then you will need to paste the deposit address and MEMO from the deposit page on Binance
  • Confirm the transaction.
  • Check the incoming deposit history from Transaction history on the platform

Apart from this, here is also some information about the platform that should be kept in mind before using it. Binance has become one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchange platforms that can give you the option of buying around 200 cryptocurrencies. This platform has been running since the year 2017. The platform is known all over the globe and allows its customers to buy their choice of cryptocurrency by making payments with the help of traditional currencies and payment methods. Open the exchange’s website and select the “Buy Crypto ” option located on the top navigation bar. 

Binance Fees

  • Buy/Sell with Bank Account: 0.10%
  • Buy/Sell with Wallet: 0.10%  
  • Buy/Sell with Credit/Debit Card: 1.10%–2.10%
  • Instant Card Withdrawal: N/A 
  • Wire Transfer (USD): Free
  • Exchange Crypto: 0.10%
  • ACH (USD): Free


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