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If you have been experiencing a little cryptocurrency, you can create an account on Binance today and begin trading in just a few minutes. The steps are quite simple and easy. Open and account, select a payment method, and simply start trading. We will show every single step in a very convenient way in this comprehensive guide.

Scannable counterfeit id also helps a lot if you don’t have a legit id for registration. A Binance account generally acts as a gateway for people who are interested in crypto trading. But before you purchase your first BNB or bitcoin, you will need to register your account on Binance first.

So without any further ado, let’s have a look below for knowing all about how to register your account on Binance for the very first time.

Step # 1. Access the website of Binance, which is Then click on “Register”.

Step # 2. On the page, enter your phone number and create a strong password for your Binance account. After reading all the Terms of Use carefully, simply check the box &  click on “Create Account”.


* For the safety of the account, make sure to create a password of minimum 8 characters, including 1 number and 1 uppercase character.

* If you’ve been referred by your friend, enter the referral ID of your friend. Once you’ve completely registered, the referral can’t be changed.

Step # 3. Complete the verification for your security.

Step # 4. You will receive a verification code  on your mail by the system. Then, enter the code you received within 30 minutes. If you cannot find the code in the inbox of your email, please check the other mail within about 30 minutes. Plus, click on the “Resend Email” so that you can receive another code later.

Step # 5. Congratulations, you have registered on Binance successfully.

Step # 6. To boost the security of your account, just click on “Go to Dashboard” to allow two-factor authentication, including Google verification and phone verification.

Register on Binance Via Mobile App – A Complete OverviewStep # 1. Open the app & click on “Register/Login” at the top left corner of the screen.

Step # 2: Follow all the instructions & insert the password and email address you will use for your Binance account. After reading all the terms of Use carefully, simply click on “Register”.

Step # 3. After clicking on “Registration”, you will immediately see a particular sliding jigsaw certification puzzle. Then, simply drag the slider for completing it.

Step # 4. Once you’ve completed its jigsaw, they will send an email for confirmation to the address you have specified. Please check the inbox for confirming the registration within around 10 minutes.

Follow this amazing step-by-step guide and have a pleasant experience with Binance.

Good luck, folks!

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