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INSTAR Token be the Next gem for Investors

Since the crypto boom which began in late 2017 and ended in the early parts of 2018, it has become difficult to find new projects that can represent long term profits.

The crypto market has instead been separated into two sectors with the top players largely in front of the chasing pack.

However, there are still some blockchain projects with the right developmental plans that bode well for investors. One of such projects is Instars the platform behind the INSTAR token which is arguably one of the leading free crypto earning platform.

Instar Blockchain is a fully operational, decentralized delegated proof of stake blockchain that uses EOS open-source software and sMPC technology for data exchange.

The past year, Instar delivered excellent performances in the market with the platform gaining recognition from key rating platforms as one of the top-performing cryptocurrencies.

The platform also introduced new ways for users to earn free cryptocurrencies in the last year which further cements its place as one of the best free crypto earning platform. has become popular due to its low-risk investment setup which makes it one the best platforms for newbies to start their cryptocurrency journey. The platform has also continued to make improvements by adding new features and new currencies for users to earn.

Towards the end of 2019, it added EOS as a token option for its users in what was a major development. While in February, Instar inked a partnership with MakerDAO and officially launched stablecoin DAI on its platform.

Instar Price Analysis

Instar at the time of publication is currently valued at $0.015430 and gained 15% in the last 24 hours of trading.

The coin is ranked 618 on the coin rankings and has a marketcap of $3,035,934 and a circulatory supply of 196,753,508 INSTAR.

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