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BabyBanana NFT will Launch on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) on September 17th, 2021. The project is touted to be one of the hottest DeFi launches this fall.

Tallinn, Estonia, Sept. 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BabyBanana is an exciting, new project that is making waves in the Defi community. The goal of Babybanana is to enrich the portfolios of our holders, to educate them on how to earn a passive income and to reward them with Banana, GoldenBanana (Gnana) or Space tokens.

Investors are incentivized to hold through several features of the $Babybanana token. The frictionless yield redistribution system automatically rewards holders of the token 5% of every transaction in Banana or Gnana, which will be split 3 ways; 20% of the tax will be sent to the buyback wallet and marketing wallet respectively, while 60% will be used to buy Banana/Gnana tokens to distribute to $BanyBanana holders. This way, holders will be able to generate passive income in the native token. These tokens can be used on to stake for even more tokens. Babybanana, The token that earns you a free and diverse portfolio.

An even more enticing opportunity for holders of Babybanana, is that they can hold and stake different NFT’s which enable various boosts, privileges or to receive another token as your reflection rewards. Holding the “Ape King Midas” NFT, for instance, automatically turns Banana rewards into Gnana, Or the “Able & Miss Baker” NFT that automatically turns Banana rewards into Aperocket’s Space token! With this evolution of the deflationary token, holders can mint NFTs with the ability to change the rewarded token from Banana to any token they want, even Bitcoin or BNB or BUSD! BabyBanana is an all-in-one personal staking pool, where holders can passively earn ANY token as reflection rewards just by holding it in their wallet. Combine Babybanana with an NFT and the possibilities are truly endless!

The team have carefully built an ecosystem with fun activities while offering a token with multiple utilities. Users will be able to play our version of chess (Babybanana Chess) with a unique ‘BananaTrap’ feature, Mahjong, and Space Shooter, along with the casino games (Poker, Blackjack etc) in order to earn even more Babybanana tokens while engaging in play-to-earn.

Although the team has developed a vision, and a plan for the growth of BabyBanana, it is still very much a community-minded token, which places the values of the community at the forefront of its helm. The best way for the community to be involved firsthand, is to include them in some aspects of the decision-making process. Whether they have suggestions for giveaways, or who they would like to see the brand partnered with, having a say in the token will develop the relationship between the team and the community.

In regards to the marketing of the token, the Babybanana team has been focusing its efforts on a variety of different outlets. Some of the major avenues that have been utilized till now include, social media campaigning, press releases, giveaway campaigns. With plans to go more in depth with influencers, banner ads, CoinGecko Fast track, DexTools and much more as we develop and strengthen community building efforts. This is subject to grow as the token gets farther into its lifecycle, and as the release of the Launchpad gets closer, a more aggressive style of marketing will begin with it.

“The vision of this project since it was created has always been the same. The vision of this project is to become a valuable asset for the ApeSwap ecosystem, to create a easy and safe way for holders to earn a passive income and provide a cool looking and fun place to hang around .”

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