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SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA / ACCESSWIRE / June 11, 2021 / Currently, the biggest barrier in blockchain system lies in its speed. This is why it is not used on SNS platforms, portals, games, or banking services used widely in everyday life. This is due to the inherent characteristics of blockchain technology – openness and slow speed.

As many companies lead research in various technologies to address this problem, Balkari has found a breakthrough with the development of an accelerator combining software and hardware based its unique technology.

Balkari’s Aspirations: Creating a New Platform Based on Technologies of Ultra-Speed Blockchain and Messaging Service

The application of blockchain security messenger [Karma] supports 100% end-to-end encryption for complete security and allows users to have security rights on all information themselves. In addition, depending on the sender’s settings, it sets an expiration period for messages and restricts users from downloading or sharing data to third parties. Only encrypted data remains on the end-to-end points of the server in the end, preventing any form of content leak.

The first issue to be addressed across these services is speed. The app of blockchain security messenger [Karma] applies AES encryption and ECDSA authentication procedures in all of its messaging processes. It is also drawing attention for boasting high speed even when supporting encryption for all messaging, thanks to its capacity in handling a large amount of messaging transactions with its independently-developed hardware blockchain technology.

Balkari’s blockchain security messenger [Karma] has secured more than 500,000 users in just two months after a successful market debut, drawing consistent attention to whether the high-speed blockchain technology underlying its service can help to overcome the inherent issues of speed in existing blockchain technology.

The New Blockchain Ecosystem and Platform Being Dreamed of

Social networking sites we commonly use are not confined to their domains, but are established as a comprehensive platform. Facebook and Instagram are cases in point; Kakao Talk has also extended itself to provide services in payment, remittance, and SNS, going beyond messaging.

Balkari agrees with the indispensable nature of such platformization, and has a grand plan lying ahead. Photo-oriented SNS platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) have become a trend following the downfall of text-oriented platforms (Twitter, etc.). Balkari knows that, in light of this trend, messenger-oriented SNS will be the thing of the future; it is therefore pursuing a platformization of messenger-based videos, media and payment services.

Currently under development, blockchain security for the ERP is one case in point. Balkari also plans to add functions of DEX, or decentralized exchange, to the general messenger platform and create a faster and safer P2P cryptocurrency exchange by utilizing ultra-fast blockchain technology. Balkari’s strategy on the SNS platform is raising expectations among the public as it is showing strong confidence in increasing transaction processing speed, the biggest limitation of DEX.

Name: TG Han

Email: tghan@balkari.com

Phone: 82 2 558 2305

City: Seoul

County: Republic of Korea

SOURCE: Balkari

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